Are you tired of exercising and dieting without seeing the weight loss results you deserve?

Love to fire up your vitality and capacity to burn fat and sculpt your physique? 

Would you welcome an extra boost: a science-backed hack to slim down and increase your energy? 

The best metabolism booster supplements may help you achieve your goals and gain results you can be proud of!

Before I share the compounds that move the needle — those that have been shown to enhance metabolism — let’s take a quick look at this process.

Metabolism is often associated with burning body fat but is infinitely more complex. This process encompasses the sum of biochemical reactions that create or consume energy.

It involves three pathways: anabolism, which builds complex macromolecules; catabolism, which breaks down molecules to release energy; and waste disposal, which removes toxins. 

Metabolism is not solely about weight loss; it’s the essential spark of life, driving all your energy needs.

A healthy metabolism is vital whether you wish to experience abundant vitality, shed unwanted fat, or build a body you adore.

This is where the best metabolism booster supplements come in. There are natural compounds that light your body’s metabolic fire in all the right ways to bring you results. Effective products blend a range of evidence-based ingredients to stimulate positive change.

Let’s look at our three most popular supplements and the specific ingredients that power their effectiveness. Those that have our customers raving!

HyperBurn: The Elite Fat Burner

Ready to take fat burning to the next level?

HyperBurn has been formulated with science-backed, naturally sourced compounds that enhance thermogenesis and metabolism, increasing your calorie-burning ability, including these 3 potent ingredients.

Capsicum Extract

Do you love chili peppers?

This spicy fruit holds a secret: it boosts metabolic activity. Capsicum extract contains capsaicinoids, potent compounds that promote metabolic function. (They also enhance hormonal function, reduce insulin and leptin resistance, and suppress the appetite.)

A study published in the journal BMC Obesity investigated the impact of capsaicinoids versus placebo in 75 adults. The participants’ fat mass and body fat percentage were evaluated before and after a 12-week period to gauge the effectiveness of the treatment. The participants taking 4 mg capsaicinoids daily lost more body fat and fat mass.

Bitter orange extract

The fruit from this citrus tree has been used for eons in traditional medicine, for gut issues through to general well-being.

Modern research has revealed another benefit: bitter orange contains p-synephrine, a compound that safely assists with weight loss by raising resting metabolic rate and enhancing energy expenditure. 

Caffeine Anhydrous

Do you sip coffee before you hit the gym? Sure that this popular tonic boosts your results?

You’re onto something!

Besides caffeine’s well-known benefits as an ergogenic aid — enhancing exercise performance — it can boost weight loss, indicating a potential metabolic use.

A study published in the journal Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition found that as caffeine intake was doubled, weight and fat loss and a reduction in body mass index (BMI) increased two-fold.

The authors concluded that “the current [study] demonstrated that caffeine intake might promote weight, BMI and body fat reduction.”

Of course, caffeine can be consumed to excess. Limit your consumption to under 400 mg daily as a healthy, non-pregnant adult. That’s around four to five cups of coffee per day. Remember also to check your supplements. It’s easy to consume more than is healthy.

HyperBurn contains safe levels of caffeine anhydrous — a form of caffeine with the water removed. It's a crowd favorite, formulated with bitter orange, capsicum extract, and other effective metabolism-boosting, fat-burning ingredients.

As Cony S. said, “HyperBurn is my favorite fat-burning product ever!!! It definitely helps me with my energy level and removes all my cravings.”

ThermoBurn: Thermogenic Fat Burner

Want to melt away unwanted body fat?

We’ve got your back!

These three ingredients may do just that…

Choline l-bitartrate

Ready to shred body fat and maintain muscle mass and strength?

Your muscles are vital to metabolic function, yet dieting can strip down your lean muscle mass. This can make it harder to shed fat and maintain the weight you lose.

Choline l-bitartrate may provide the answer.

Choline, an amine, belongs to the vitamin B-complex family. One of its roles in the body is the metabolism of fat.

A study published in the Journal of Human Kinetics found that choline supplementation “can improve [fat] metabolism… as well as encourage rapid body mass reduction.” This was achieved without losing strength, indicating that muscle performance remained intact.

Choline bitartrate is made from choline and tartaric acid. This combination provides a stable compound that can deliver choline in supplemental form.

Grains of Paradise extract

The extract of this wonderfully named species of the ginger family may supercharge your ability to chew through calories.

Research published in the Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology compared two groups of participants over four weeks. One group supplemented daily with Grains of Paradise. The other took a daily placebo. 

At the end of the study, those who took Grains of Paradise lost belly fat; those on the placebo gained belly fat. The authors concluded that Grains of Paradise activated brown adipose (fat) tissue, triggering metabolic thermogenesis: heat production. This resulted in increased energy expenditure, which reduced visceral — dangerous belly — fat as an essential benefit.

Bitter orange extract

Bitter orange extract is such a vital metabolism booster that we’ve included it in our well-loved product, ThermoBurn.

ThermoBurn is formulated to lower your appetite and quell food cravings, provide lasting energy without the jitters or a subsequent crash, and enhance your metabolism.

As Luris A. put it succinctly, “I Simply Love It.” 

ThermoSleep: Fat Burner and Sleep Aid 

We tend to think about burning fat as an active process. One that happens while we’re awake. You know, while exercising and dieting. But sleep is a vital part of the healthy weight equation.

ThermoSleep uses this fact to create a fat-burning, sleeping-enhancing combination that gets metabolic results!

Green tea extract

Green tea originated in China well over four millennia. Since then, it’s been sipped for refreshment and therapy. Including to improve metabolic function and fat loss.

A study published in the journal Nutrients divided 28 participants into two groups: 14 received green tea, and 14 received a placebo. After 60 days of daily supplementation, the results were significant. 

The green tea group had a higher percentage of fat oxidation, improved insulin function, reduced waist circumference, lowered c-reactive protein (CRP) (a measure of inflammation), and elevated resting energy expenditure. In short, their bodies became healthier and more efficient at burning calories.

Raspberry ketones

You may have heard of raspberry ketones. Some years back, it became all the rage. And with good reason. They're one of the best metabolism booster supplements!

Raspberry ketones have been shown to stimulate the metabolism of brown and white adipose tissues and impede dietary fat from being absorbed in the small intestine.

In combination with other ingredients that soothe stress, aid slumber, switch off cravings, and boost the ability to burn fat, ThermoSleep is one of our most popular products.

Alexandra said, “I am so happy with this product, I cannot believe how well it works, it is miraculous! I love it!”

The takeaway 

You can shed pounds and ignite your inner spark by harnessing the power of an on-fire metabolism. The best metabolism booster supplements will help you to do this!

HyperBurn, ThermoBurn, and ThermoSleep have been scientifically formulated with evidence-based ingredients to kick your metabolism up a notch and help you break through fat loss failure and fatigue.

Embrace the synergy of natural ingredients and modern understanding, and let these supplements support your health journey. Unleash your potential and redefine what’s possible – it’s time to thrive with the best metabolism booster supplements by your side.