Are you sick of your love handles? Tired of clothes that don’t fit? Have you gained weight through the pandemic?

Are you ready to step into a healthy, energized new you… But not sure how?

Or maybe the idea of a rigid, extended diet seems overwhelming?

Research shows that dieting can damage your metabolism and lead to future overweight. So, what should you do instead? How can you shed unhealthy, unwanted fat?

You must address the underlying causes…

Modern life, mental illness, comfort eating, cravings and reduced engagement in physical activity all increase with stress. Each one can trigger weight gain by itself. Add them together and *poof!* A widened waistline is almost inevitable… And it’s been one hell of a past year.

Yet nature provides compounds that act in a holistic manner; they address one overarching issue by treating a number of its underlying drivers. Orange bitter extract — botanically called Citrus aurantium — is one such compound.

Here are 5 weight loss benefits of bitter orange extract:

Bitter orange has been a traditional culinary staple for hundreds of years. It’s only in the past two decades that we’ve begun to more deeply understand its capacity to aid weight loss. It does so in five ways…

1. Ramps Up Metabolism

“Metabolism” is the term used for a range of complex chemical processes used by the body to function and sustain life. This includes the commonly assumed definition; that of “breaking down food and drink to energy and building or repairing your body.”

Bitter orange and its primary protoalkaloid, p-synephrine, have been shown to safely aid weight loss. A study published in the International Journal of Medical Sciences found it did so via an “increase resting metabolic rate and energy expenditure.”

Increasing the body’s ability to burn calories, including when at rest, enables you to shed unhealthy fat.

2. Suppresses Appetite and Food Intake

Bitter orange can suppress appetite and food intake, naturally. But before we discuss this in more detail, let’s see why it matters and what stress has to do with hunger?

Throughout evolution we faced feast and famine. The latter had the potential to kill us. Laying down additional fat in the good times, then, made sense. It provided an adipose buffer, so to speak. A literal protective layer.

However, the hormonal changes that led to increased size were reversed when the famine hit. The body bulk fed us until the next feast (hopefully) arrived.

In modern life, we in the West rarely experience food deprivation. Yet these biological systems still remain active. Instead of facing the fleeting stress of famine, we now face the incessant psychological duress of bills, busyness and business. So, instead of a fat-accumulating situation that abates, we face another weighty issue: An increased appetite and food intake for certain stresses that no longer exist, and others that never end.

As the authors of the article, Stress and Eating Behaviors, said:

“Uncontrollable stress changes eating patterns and the salience and consumption of hyper-palatable foods; over time, this could lead to changes in allostatic load and trigger neurobiological adaptations that promote increasingly compulsively behavior.”

In essence, chronic stress can lead to a laser focus on food, an insatiable desire for delicious, high fat and sugar foods, and a strong drive to eat without need.

As expected, this can lead to weight gain.

Bitter orange may help here in two ways: it calms stress (we’ll talk more about this shortly) and quells the appetite.

Research in 2017 found that this compound, when consumed before meals, reduces appetite and results in decreased food intake. People naturally just ate less.

3. Reduces Mental Stress

Calming stress is key to gaining back appetite control, reducing food consumption and restoring the hormonal balance that leads to healthy eating.

These three changes diminish the tendency toward weight gain… especially around the midriff area.

So, to lose fat now and maintain weight loss into the future, you must reduce stress and its cousins, anxiety and depression.

A study published in the Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology investigated whether bitter orange reduced anxiety in people scheduled for minor surgery. It did!

Other research showed that citrus aurantium delivered antidepressant-like effects, and that this may have been achieved by restoring stress-hormone balance.

It seems bitter orange has an important role to play in calming us — and our hunger pangs — down.

4. Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Obesity is sometimes referred to as a state of low-grade inflammation. It’s one of the reasons significant overweight leads to illnesses like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. But this relationship doesn’t only run one way; inflammation may trigger weight gain, not merely result from it.

See, inflammation triggers insulin resistance and can make weight gain easy and fat loss difficult.

Yet, bitter orange contains compounds that calm inflammation in the form of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. These are both important in fat loss.

5. Enhances Energy Levels

When you are tired, hitting the gym or pounding the pavement sounds worthwhile but is rather unachievable…

Or you might drag yourself to a workout but find the going tough or your performance underwhelming.

Bitter orange can change this.

Research has shown that supplementing with citrus aurantium can significantly increase energy levels. This can power your stamina, resulting in better workouts and greater outcomes.

The Takeaway

We believe that addressing overweight and obesity — and health in general — requires a holistic, safe focus. Considering the range of reasons why a condition occurs in the first place is infinitely wiser than tackling one problem at a time. Synergy always matters.

Bitter orange contains compounds that are “antioxidant, anxiolytic [anxiety-relieving], anti-diabetic, anti-obesity, and anti-inflammatory activities.” As you’ve just learnt, these are each important in weight loss.

When we formulated HyperBurn, we used this approach. We focused on incorporating ingredients that manage multiple issues. Bitter orange — as you can see — directly soothes many triggers for weight gain. That’s why it was chosen as the main ingredient for our fat shredding product.

Its ability to ramp up metabolism, suppress appetite and food intake, reduce mental stress, boost antioxidant and anti-inflammatory consumption, and enhance energy makes citrus aurantium a potent ingredient. It’s no wonder our customers love it!

And just as we love synergistic physiological effects from our ingredients, we blend and embed them into our products too…

That’s why HyperBurn contains other fat burning ingredients like capsaicin and capsinoids, gamma-butyrobetaine (GBB), caffeine anhydrous & dicaffeine malate, l-carnitine tartrate & acetyl-l-carnitine.

HyperBurn is designed to stimulate and support your fat loss journey. It’s time to begin today.