Do the supplements you consume work?

Are you paying for effective health products or being taken for an expensive ride?

Do you know how to tell the difference?

Supplementing can be of significant benefit to your well-being and your life. The right ingredients blended in evidence-based formulations have been shown to move the needle. They can: 

— Fill nutritional gaps

— Aid weight loss and management

— Boost immune function

— Enhance brain function and memory

— Bolster physical and psychological performance

— Support vibrant aging

— Promote heart, blood sugar, bone, and skin health

— And so much more

But some supplements result in only expensive wee. At worst, they may harm your health.

So, how can you ensure you get safe, practical benefits from the supplements you choose? 

How can you opt for only high-quality supplements?

Let’s explore 6 critical tips.

Understand your needs

With celebrities, influencers, and media raving about a particular product, we can get swept up in the euphoria of the latest trend. But even when a remedy has caused someone to gush emotionally, you must ask an important question: Is it right for you?

What do you need?

Let’s look at an example: Imagine you’re experiencing deep-seated fatigue. You feel tired, even when you sleep well. 

A new product comes on the market claiming to add a massive pep to your step: to eliminate exhaustion almost overnight. Research reveals it contains caffeine, B vitamins, and L-Theanine. 

Each of these ingredients has been shown to improve fatigue. Great, right?

But what if you’re anemic? What if your fatigue is caused by low iron? To experience respite and recovery, you need to increase your iron level. These other compounds are superfluous.

If you don’t understand your needs, you’ll run around like a frustrated, headless chicken searching for relief in all the wrong places.

Read the labels

Did you know that some supplements claim to have certain ingredients but have a tiny, too insubstantial amount to have an advantageous physiological effect?

Sadly, this is not uncommon.

That means reading the labels of supplements must be standard practice.

You’ll notice each of our products contains a Supplement Facts panel image. This tells you precisely what ingredients are contained within that supplement, including the dosage of each.

For example, take a look at ThermoBurn

The first image is the front panel. The second is the directions panel. The third is the Supplement Facts panel. This provides the essential information you need right up front.

When you scroll down the page, the benefits of the specific product are listed, followed by the key ingredients and what each ingredient does.

This allows you to effortlessly learn each product’s ingredients, the dose, and the evidence-based benefits. You can’t make an informed decision if you don’t have this information. 

This matters because reading and understanding supplement labels are crucial for good health decisions.

Buy from reputable brands

There are many unscrupulous companies in the world. When it comes to health supplements, some brands promote phony products. For example, supplements that don’t contain the ingredients they claim to.

Yet other brands scrimp on or substitute ingredients to cut corners and save money.

Choosing well-known and trusted supplement brands like Onest ensures quality and effective products that work. 

Onest was born from the need for safe and effective supplements in a market filled with questionable products. Since 2018, it’s been our mission to bring you the safest, most therapeutic supplements possible. This dedication is our ONEST Promise to you.

Founder Ryan Spiteri is a fitness enthusiast and trainer. His firsthand knowledge of the struggles of getting fit, building strength, slimming down, and creating beautiful, healthy physiques to be proud of inspired him to create Onest Health.

Each product we offer is designed to support your well-being and deliver on its promises, regardless of your fitness level.

Our team of experts ensures that each product contains the most effective doses. Drawing from years of experience in various fields, such as natural medicine, sports physiology, and herbal medicine, we create scientifically proven formulas to promote your health and well-being.

At Onest Health, we value innovation and are committed to continual improvement. We only use 100% pure, ethically sourced, all-natural ingredients of the highest quality.

When you choose Onest, you’re not just choosing a product — you’re choosing a partner in your journey towards optimal health and fitness.

Trust in third-party testing

Third-party testing is a vital process where an independent laboratory assesses a product to ensure its quality, safety, and purity.

Testing ensures that what’s listed on the label is contained within the product, giving you confidence in your choice. Testing also checks for harmful contaminants like heavy metals, pesticides, and bacteria to eliminate adulteration or risk and prove safety.

Third-party testing provides an unbiased supplement evaluation and ensures a product’s integrity.

By choosing supplements that have undergone third-party testing, you choose a product committed to quality and transparency.

Avoid fillers and artificial additives

Fillers and artificial additives are commonly used in the supplement industry to cut costs, enhance shelf life, or improve a product’s appearance; vibrant pink and neon powders don’t come from nature.

These added ingredients may result in perceived dollar savings. After all, if there are two containers of the exact size and you choose the cheapest, it looks like a deal, right?

Remember, you’re not consuming the container!

Fillers and additives, as a rule, mean fewer active ingredients. Instead of consuming research-based compounds that have been shown to improve health, you’ll take filler-full products that are unhelpful, at best. Cheap and nasty at worst.

When looking at a product, read the panels. Many conscientious brands make it easy to see that they don’t use this option.

For example, the front of HyperLoad states explicitly, “NO fillers, additives, preservatives.”

Check the dosage

Check the dosage. The dosage panel tells you precisely how much of each ingredient is contained within a product.

If this information isn’t listed, it could mean that the manufacturer doesn’t want you to know what you’re getting — or worse, they might not even definitively know themselves.

If a supplement doesn’t list the dosage of ingredients on its label, leave it. This information is vital as the transparency tells you  what each serving offers so you can make an informed decision about its suitability for your health regimen.

Check out ThermoSleep to see what we mean. Like this product, you’ll find a detailed list for each product on their product page.

The high-quality supplement takeaway

High-quality supplements are the only types you should consume. Period.

Follow the tips above — understanding your needs, reading the labels, buying solely from reputable brands, choosing third-party tested products, avoiding fillers and artificial additives, and checking the dosage — and you’ll effortlessly select well. 

The result?

Informed decisions that lead to fantastic supplement choices that benefit your well-being now and in the future!