Are you struggling to shed excess pounds?

Have you continued to push forward with a regimented diet and exercise plan…  But sheer grit and self-sacrifice hasn’t been enough and you’re failing?

Maybe at first you succeeded, but now you’ve hit that frustrating plateau?

There are 5 mistakes we often see people make. But, they are fixable. Let’s take a look...

A laser focus on calories

Are you more concerned about calories than nutrition?

The “calories in, calories out” mantra has been so pummeled into our brains that we believe it to be true. But is it?

Not entirely…

Shedding excess body fat is multifaceted. Especially if you aim to lose it for good! So we need to ask questions, like:

What macronutrients should I prioritize?

What is my body not receiving that could hamper my quest for a slim silhouette?

See, your body needs calories to function. They are not in and of themselves, evil. No, they’re necessary. Think about it...

Would you expect to drive your vehicle 1000 miles on one tank of gas? Then why would you expect your body to operate perfectly without the “gas” it needs to do so? And it’s not just the amount, it’s the type of fuel that matters.

An article published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews compared weight loss in people who followed a low glycemic index diet (LGI) to those who followed another type of diet. The LGI resulted in:

Body mass, total fat mass, body mass index, total cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol all decreased significantly more in the LGI group. In studies comparing ad libitum LGI diets to conventional restricted energy low-fat diets, participants fared as well or better on the LGI diet, even though they could eat as much as desired.

The findings of this research are important: Those who followed a low glycemic index diet lost more weight. And even when they could eat as much or as often as they wished, lost at least as much as those on a typical weight loss diet. *Mind blown*

Research also shows that bumping up your protein intake to 30% leads to reduced energy consumption… Without a need to count calories or stick to a rigid regime.

There are also other key factors; for example, nutrients. When you’re counting calories, that sole figure is all that’s considered. Not how much healthy fat, or zinc, or selenium, or magnesium you consume. This is an oversight

We know for example, that insulin resistance and ample body fat are linked. Yet, one study published in the journal, Diabetes Care, found that oral supplementation with magnesium can improve insulin sensitivity.

Can you now see the gaping flaws in the calories in, calories out mantra and focus?

Instead, concentrate on wholesome, low glycemic index foods and a sufficient intake of nutrients.

You’re undereating

Are you, in essence, starving yourself in the hopes of achieving a slimmer body?

You may be upsetting the weight loss apple cart.

Resting metabolic rate rises as fat-free mass (lean muscle) increases. But, a low cal diet can strip muscle mass. It's not surprising, then, that absolute resting metabolic rate can plummet on these deprivation diets.

If you eat too little, your body can't sustain the muscle that powers your ability to burn fat.

If you feel lost, speak to an expert who’s intimately acquainted with this fact.

You sleep poorly

Do you ever notice a hankering for fast food after a restless night?

Or wonder why your midriff is expanding when you are carefully following a diet?

Insufficient restorative sleep can pack on the pounds. There are a number of reasons for this.

The first has to do with brain changes. Sleep deprivation supercharges your desire for certain foods, while making it more difficult to say no.

In addition, as noted in the journal article, Sleep and obesity, sleep loss alters your metabolism and hormonal function, including:

— reduced glucose tolerance

— diminished insulin sensitivity

— an increased evening level of the stress hormone, cortisol

— an increased level of the hunger hormone, ghrelin

— a decreased level of the appetite calming hormone, leptin

— elevated hunger and appetite

This generates the perfect storm for the accumulation of body fat.

In our article, 7 Ways To Effectively Boost Your Metabolism, we reveal our top 9 tips to sleep like the dead (check out number 6).

Your expectations are unrealistic

Are you secretly wishing to drop 20 pounds in four weeks?

Stop. Breathe. Remember…

Fat loss takes time.

You also need to run your own race. We each are created differently. We have different genetics, different preferences, different resources. Naturally, your results will differ from those of your friends... And those achieved by the latest celeb with a dedicated fat loss team.

Set realistic expectations and goals. Stick with your plan. Be gentle with yourself. Remember, a new body takes time and effort.

You’re not supplementing to your advantage

Supplementing with science-backed products can power up your fat loss through a variety of mechanisms: promoting thermogenesis, suppressing your appetite, increasing fat oxidation, and improving metabolism.

This can shortcut your journey to a streamlined body and help to maintain it once you’re there.

HyperBurn contains evidence-based ingredients formulated with fat loss in mind. Capsicum extract, bitter orange extract, Lean GBB™, caffeine anhydrous, dicaffeine malate, Bioperine™, l-carnitine tartrate, and acetyl-l-carnitine are blended to maximize your results.

As Daniela T said, “I am on my third HyperBurn bottle and I absolutely love it! The hunger between meals has disappeared and I no longer have craving throughout the day. I was stuck at the same weight before HyperBurn, now I am finally losing weight!”

HyperBurn ramps up your metabolic fire. That’s why our customers love it!


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The Fat Loss TakeAway

If you’re struggling to shed your love handles and rounded middle, you’re not alone. Mainstream advice is often flawed and — whether by design or not — sets you up to fall, to fail.

But the right steps — a focus on nutrition, sufficient food, restful slumber, realistic expectations, and science-backed supplements, like HyperBurn — can make all the difference. These steps are the secret sauce for a beautiful body!