There are a range of benefits to building muscle mass. Yes, aesthetics, of course. A built torso, a strong six-pack, a pair of hardened guns…

But did you know that lean muscle has a range of profound health benefits?

Muscularity can enhance your quality of life, protect against serious illnesses, and help you strip body fat to show off your hard fought tone.


Here are our top 5 benefits to building lean muscle mass…

1) Controls body fat accumulation

Do you have a spare tyre or muffin top you’d love to shed?

You're not alone…

More than two-thirds of the adult population is overweight or obese. It’s clear we, as a society, are doing something drastically wrong.

Yet, building muscle mass can help to curb this trend.

According to Dr. Michael Roizen, MD, a medical specialist, “a pound of muscle uses between 75 and 150 calories a day.” Gain three pounds of lean muscle mass, and you may chew through an additional 450 calories per day without any extra work. That’ll help you burn off unwanted fat!

Tip: Diets often result in an unwanted loss of muscle mass. This is hugely concerning! However, there is a crucial answer. As a 2017 article published in the journal, Advances in Nutrition, “High protein intake helps preserve lean body and muscle mass during weight loss.”

When looking to shed body fat, raising your intake and supplementing with high-quality protein powder matters because it preserves your fat burning tissue: muscle…

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But body fat accumulation — or avoidance — also depends on blood sugar, the capacity to exercise, and metabolic rate. Let’s see how ample muscle mass helps with these problems, too.



2) Promotes a stable blood sugar level

Blood sugar (glucose) problems are common, with insulin resistance at its core. This can trigger fatigue, hunger, cravings, weight gain, belly fat, and, over time, serious illnesses like cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Yet, muscle mass is protective.

Research has shown that as relative muscle mass increases, the risk of diabetes decreases. Muscle plays a key role in glucose metabolism; it helps to consume and store glucose.

With blood sugar and insulin resistance kept in check, your wellbeing and body weight benefit.

3) Supports joints: improves flexibility and mobility

Your joints are supported and moved by muscles. It's not surprising, then, that healthy muscle mass is important for their function.

Building muscle:

— aids healthy joint movement

— encourages muscle balance that cushions against the everyday forces that impact the joints

— reduces pain and stiffness… even in those with severe arthritis

— protects against osteoporosis

— improves physical performance

— safeguards against joint injury

Your joints need appropriate muscle tone to function optimally and stay well.

4) Enhances cardiovascular health

Thought only cardiorespiratory exercise — running, swimming, cycling — aided cardiovascular health?

It's time to think again.

A study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health found that skeletal muscle mass "is inversely associated with cardiometabolic health and the ageing process.” Healthy amounts of lean muscle mass appear to protect against heart problems… and death.

How is that possible?

Insulin resistance has known links to cardiovascular disease. Adequate muscle, as we discussed above, helps to moderate blood sugar and keep insulin within a healthy, functional range. The above study also showed that those with muscles to flex have lower cardiovascular risk factors, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity.

This is great news for your blood vessels, heart, and a healthy, long life!

5) Increases your metabolic rate

With a sluggish metabolic rate, it can feel nigh on impossible to shed fat. So, if your fat loss efforts feel like banging your head against a stubborn brick wall, you might wish to boost your metabolic rate.



The title of one study cuts to the chase: Increasing muscle mass to improve metabolism.

While well established, the authors noted that building muscle mass has beneficial effects on glucose metabolism. They also suggest skeletal muscle is important in the “regulation of energy intake by some as yet unknown mechanism.”

Building muscle, then, enhances your metabolism.

What other science-backed ways are there to boost metabolism?

We discuss this in our popular article, 7 Ways To Effectively Boost Your Metabolism. It’s a great read. (You’ll learn steps that take next to no time and zero effort. You’ll love number #7!)


The takeaway on the benefits of building muscle

Ripped muscles are beautiful. There, I said it. But ample lean muscle mass has deeper benefits than its aesthetic appeal alone.

Protecting against body fat accumulation, promoting a health-giving stable blood sugar level, supporting your joints, improving flexibility and mobility, enhancing cardiovascular health, and increasing your metabolic rate are essential for a svelte silhouette, reduced pain, improved function, raised quality of life, and longevity. It truly matters.

Okay, so you now know our 5 fav benefits to building muscle. But, what if you’re looking to gain mass bulk, to ripple under your shirt, to flex huge guns, to focus on developing a strong, toned, aesthetically jaw-dropping body?

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Remember: whichever route you desire — to simply be healthier or to be ripped, fast — building lean muscle mass will boost your wellbeing and quality of life. So, get to it! Enjoy!