Do you worry about a sluggish metabolic rate? Belly fat and love handles that continue to grow or remain stubbornly in place? What if you could supercharge your ability to destroy unwanted body fat?

The great news is that, with the right steps, you can. But first, let's bust a myth: Metabolism is not solely about fat loss.

As an article published in the journal, Cell, said, "Metabolism is broadly defined as the sum of biochemical processes in living organisms that either produce or consume energy.” There are three pathways involved; growth (anabolism), energy production (catabolism), and waste disposal. Together, they form the literal stuff of life. So, maintaining a healthy metabolism is essential not just for a healthy weight, but for you to exist and flourish.

With this in mind...

How can you effectively boost your metabolic rate?

There are a range of science-backed ways to speed up your metabolism. Here are seven of our favs…

Consume more protein

    When you eat, energy is required to digest, absorb, and assimilate your meal. This is referred to as the thermic effect of food or diet-induced thermogenesis (DIT). Protein raises DIT the most, at least three times more than carbohydrates and 10 times more than fat. As a 2014 article noted, "A high protein diet is associated with increased 24-h diet-induced energy expenditure.”

    Higher protein diets also increase the feeling of fullness and naturally reduce appetite and calorie consumption. This is wonderful for fat loss.

    Include high-intensity workouts

    Exercise has been shown to boost metabolic rate. You might already know this. But what if you could achieve in two minutes what traditionally takes a half-hour slog?

    A study published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism found that two minutes of sprint-interval exercise provided the same 24-hour post-exercise increase in metabolism as 30-minutes of continuous endurance exercise.

    It's time to supercharge (even shorten) your workouts!


    Stand up

    Do you spend hours sitting at a desk? Many people do; most modern lifestyles come with a hefty dose of sedentary posture. But there is a time-free cheat.

    A 2014 study found that simply standing in the afternoon, as opposed to remaining seated, markedly improved energy expenditure. Just over three hours of being on one's feet shredded an additional 728 kJ (174 calories).

    Enjoy spicy foods

    Do you love the scorching of Dragon's Breath Pepper? Consider Jalapeño's a staple? Enjoy the fiery kick of paprika? If not, it's time!

    Capsaicin, the heat producing compound that delivers the "hotness" to hot peppers, helps to improve and maintain metabolic rate, boost energy expenditure, increase fat oxidation, and promote thermogenesis.

    By combining high protein and spicy ingredients in meals you can fire up your tastebuds and your ability to burn fat.

    And if you're not a fan of culinary fire? You'll love step seven!

    Drink green tea

    One of the challenges to achieving an enviable body is the focus on deprivation and discipline; it takes dedication and gruel. But what if there was a power hack? What if you could add rather subtract?

    Green tea contains a compound known as epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG. Research has shown that this remarkable substance can increase and prolong thermogenesis, boost 24-hour energy expenditure by 4%, and raise fat oxidation. These effects are substantial.

    As Mousavi and his team of researchers discovered, four daily cups of green tea triggered weight loss of 1.8% and a decrease in waist circumference — yes, including belly fat —  by 4.4%.

    Other researchers found that consuming a supplemental dose of EGCG and caffeine three times per day elevated 24-hour energy expenditure by a staggering 750 kJ (180 calories)! When you consider an average daily requirement of 8700 kJ, simply sipping on or supplementing with these two compounds makes ample sense.

    Prioritize sleep

    Lack of sleep is exhausting. But it's far more damaging than walking through your day like a tired, wired zombie. Sufficient slumber is essential for maintaining a healthy metabolic rate and balance. In fact, sleep deprivation is thought to trigger metabolic dysregulation. For example, short sleep increases the risk of diabetes, a metabolic illness.

    It's not surprising to see, then, that chronic sleep deprivation — that’s less than eight hours per night — is linked to an increase in body mass index (BMI).

    To achieve health and a svelte physique you must put slumber first. It's not as hard as it might first seem...

    Here are our top 9 tips:

    — Set and stick to a routine wake time to reset your body clock

    — Enjoy bright sunshine first thing in the morning

    — Use blue light filters in the evening. Even better, set aside screens for an hour or two before bed. This includes the TV, computer and laptop, tablet, phone, and eReader

    — Take a warm bath or shower 90-minutes before retiring

    — Sip on Chamomile tea

    — Ensure your bedroom is slightly cool, pitch black, quiet, and safe

    — Opt for a supportive and comfortable bed, mattress, and pillow

    — Practice mindfulness or meditation as you close your eyes

    — If you have any health challenges that might interfere with your slumber, seek professional advice

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