Have you decided that this year is the year that will finally count? The year that you’ll prioritize your well-being?

Maybe you’ve made New Year’s resolutions related to supercharging your fitness and boosting your health?

Great! Your welfare matters and ought to be at the top of your priority list.

And while ringing in the year with goals might seem cliche, making a resolution massively increases your chance of success. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology found that 46% of resolvers were still going strong at the six-month mark compared to a mere 4% of non-resolvers.

But, that still leaves a nasty taste of failure in the mouths of the majority. You might have been there, done that before?

Instead of relying on wishful thinking and the doomed willpower-self-blame cycle, put in place sensible strategies to drive your success. By the end of the year, you’ll feel — and look — like a new person!

Set Achievable Goals

Aiming for the sky may feel noble, but a massive goal can kill motivation. This doesn’t mean you must avoid life-transforming change, just that there are better ways to set the bar for success.

Imagine you want to lose 10 pounds. This is do-able and so feels possible.

Now ponder instead shedding 100. Does it feel daunting? Like an insurmountable challenge? If so — if you’re doomed to fail from the get go — why bother?

But what if you set your mind to achieve a 10-pound loss. Your focus is on an achievable goal. It feels possible. Then, when you’ve proven to yourself that you are capable — when you hit this target — you can plan the next 10. And so on… You’ve begun to eat the figurative elephant one bite at a time. This process improves a quality called self-efficacy. Research shows this predicts successful outcomes.

So, how can you set achievable goals?

One popular goal-setting acronym and tool is dubbed SMART Goals. In short, each letter refers to a key consideration:

S — specific (know exactly what you want to achieve, who needs to be involved, why it matters)

M — measurable (be able to track your progress so you know what’s working and what isn’t)

A — achievable (ensure you have the time, skill, finances to bring your goal to fruition)

R — relevant (a goal should be important to you, worthwhile, and positively impact your life)

T — time-bound (set sensible timeframes. This will encourage action)

Now that you have set achievable goals, it’s time to create a road map; a plan for success.

Map Out A Plan

Regardless of the goal or goals you set, plans laid after careful consideration increase your chance of success. So, make sure your SMART goals are prepared. Then…

Detail a schedule you can stick to.

Consider and answer questions like:

Diet: What will you eat? What prep work will this require? What ingredients do you need at the ready? What meals will you take to work?

Exercise: What times and days will you move? Will you hit the gym, meet a friend for an aerobics session, go for a walk? How long should each session last?

Sleep: What time will you go to bed and when will you wake?

Hydration: How can you make sure you are drinking enough water?

Once you have answers to the questions that will aid in the completion of your goal, set a weekly or monthly plan.

Also, plan for likely obstacles…

If your aim is to shed body fat, what will you do when invited to a restaurant for dinner? Or when you unavoidably feel a lull in your mojo and motivation?

What will you do if you’re struggling to settle down for sleep?

What if an urgent task crops up and your workout time is snatched away?

Coping strategies have been shown to improve outcomes. For example, a study published in the journal, Obesity, found that, “More frequent practice of healthy dietary, self-monitoring, and psychological coping strategies” made the difference for those who lost weight and kept it off.

Uncover which strategies work for you. Implement them often, and have options at the ready should you face a challenge. And remember, hiccups pass. You just need to get through without heading off track. Your mojo will return.

Schedule Workouts

Schedule your workouts like you do any other important appointment: to be missed only under exceptional circumstances.

Wonderfully, once your workouts become a habit, reliance on willpower will lessen or dissipate. You’ll be pumping iron before you realize you’d driven to the gym.


Use Science-Backed Supplements To Your Advantage

There are science-backed supplements designed to improve your energy, performance, metabolism, and more. Take advantage of these to shortcut your journey to success. Not everything needs to rely on grind!

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This product rocks, if we do say so ourselves!

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Reward Your Achievements

When you hit a goal, celebrate!

We, humans, love praise. And why not? Making health and fitness your first priority should be enjoyable. You ought to reward your achievements. A better mind and body is a worthwhile accomplishment.

To choose an appropriate reward, opt for something that fits your direction.

Building muscle bulk? Schedule a massage.

Shedding unhealthy body fat? Purchase yourself that new piece of kit.

Working on your cardiovascular health? Go for a swim in a pristine lake or a bike ride along a beautiful, scenic road.

It’s easier for us to work towards something. So, set your reward at the start of your goal setting process. By rewarding yourself, you take advantage of the pleasure response to propel yourself forward.

The Takeaway

Your health and fitness matter. Make them a priority this year by setting achievable SMART goals, mapping out a plan, scheduling your workouts, using science-backed supplements to your advantage, and rewarding your achievements.