Have you wondered if L-Carnitine could be the answer for your low energy?

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L-Carnitine could be your answer!

What is L-Carnitine?

L-Carnitine is a naturally occurring compound derived from amino acids. While synthesized by the body, we only produce 25% of our daily needs. The rest must be ingested; from your diet or supplementation.

What does L-Carnitine do?

L-Carnitine might not be well known but, if you want to be well, it should not be overlooked.

This compound helps to transport long-chain fatty acids into the body’s energy furnaces, the mitochondria. This enables the breakdown of fatty acids into the energy needed to power our cells. But it does more than this alone…

As a review article published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition said, L-Carnitine plays a key role in “the regulation of metabolic pathways involved in skeletal muscle protein balance: proteolysis and protein synthesis [and acts as an] antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound; thus, it may attenuate the exercise-induced muscle damage.”

In short, this nutrient is involved in the creation of muscle tissue, protects against free radical damage, and, potentially, reduces the micro injuries caused by training.

L-Carnitine also offers more widespread benefits for the brain and body. Let’s take a look…

The Benefits of L-Carnitine

L-Carnitine has a raft of benefits for the body and brain. From enhanced fat burning and weight loss to increased physical performance, improved muscle recovery to better brain function.

Enhanced Fat-Burning and Weight Loss

We, humans, cycle between fed and fasting states. This means our metabolism and energy production pathways are in constant states of flux…

When in the fed state, the liver stockpiles glucose (sugar) as glycogen and produces fats. When we are in the fasted state, this process is reversed. Instead the liver produces glucose, the formation of fat (lipogenesis) slows, and the production of ketones (ketogenesis) is set in motion. The rate-limiting step for the latter — the thing that determines the speed of the processes in the fasted state — lies in something called the carnitine/carnitine palmitoyltransferase (CPT) system. Yes, L-Carnitine is required for this process to occur.

Why does this matter?

As the review article, The role of the carnitine system in human metabolism, said, activating fatty acid oxidation — increasing the body’s ability to burn fat — offers great promise for the treatment of obesity, amongst other conditions. Carnitine, which includes the compound L-Carnitine, may then help shed unwanted, unhealthy fat.

Increased Physical Performance

Being able to push yourself when it matters, matters. This is key to building lean muscle mass and supercharging your fitness. The research suggests that L-Carnitine is the perfect bio-hack for this purpose.

One study investigated two groups of elite cyclists over a six-week period; one that took supplemental L-Carnitine versus one that didn’t. Significant, positive changes were observed in the treatment group. Strength increased, along with muscle mass. Fat mass dropped. Total work capacity jumped. Higher performances were achieved.

If these results can be achieved in lean, strong athletes, imagine what’s possible for the rest of us!

Improved Muscle Recovery

Exercise causes muscle damage, which triggers inflammatory and metabolic changes in order to recover. This can hurt, and negatively impact performance.

So, if you want to push yourself and perform well in future sessions, or you’d simply like to feel better in-between, a focus on a speedy return to normal is key. Recuperating well means you’ll feel rested, fatigue-free, and ready for your workouts. You’ll also reduce the risk of injury.

That’s why elite athletes have complex post-workout programs. From compressive techniques or garments, to massage, stretching, water immersion, cold exposure, and active recovery. The list is long. But there may be a simpler answer.

L-carnitine supplementation has been shown to:

— lower blood lactic acid and oxidative stress levels following weights training

— lessen muscle injury

— decrease markers of cellular damage

— reduce free radical formation

curtail muscle soreness

This compound, then, has dual benefits: increased physical performance combined with enhanced recovery.

Better Brain Function

L-Carnitine has a range of roles that can lead to a better brain.

This amino acid derived nutrient

— aids in the creation of energy from fatty acids

— inhibits the formation of free radicals

— has antioxidant properties that protect the brain from oxidative stress and disease

— participates in the detoxification process by eliminating toxic chemicals

— helps to maintain mitochondrial balance, which is crucial for healthy nerve cells (including those in the brain) and a happier mood

— improves the brain’s energy balance

Not only may this lead to a better brain now, but it might also protect against neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease.

The L-Carnitine Takeaway

At Onest, we believe L-Carnitine is undervalued. With the widespread role it plays in various key processes — from fat burning to enhanced performance and results, supercharged recovery to brain health — its benefits are profound.

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