Have you wondered how the long-lived manage to stay well?

How beautiful people protect their aesthetics beyond the norm?

What secrets you might learn from those who continue to thrive and captivate…

And what science reveals about safeguarding your youthfulness?

Capturing longevity will, at some point, become of interest to most people; in particular, securing a long, healthy life. We can always improve our health and feel younger by fault. But, by the time many consider their health span they can be well into the aging process. So, it’s best to start early. To think about the future now.

How, then, can you put in place steps — no matter your chronological age — to feel and look younger, for longer?

Here are our top 5 tips…

Protect your metabolic function

We tend to think of metabolism strictly in terms of the ability to burn fat.

In truth, this process is the totality of biochemical processes that create or consume energy. Metabolism includes the creation of complex macromolecules (anabolism), the breakdown of compounds to liberate energy (catabolism), and the removal of toxins (waste disposal).

Metabolic function is key to the speed of aging. As an article published in the journal, Cell, said, “Each of the nine hallmarks of aging is connected to undesirable metabolic alterations.” Yes, aging is inextricably linked to metabolic dysfunction.

So, what accelerates the process of “getting old”?

The western diet and lifestyle, including consuming too much food and remaining sedentary. Wonderfully, this knowledge provides a key to slow the ticking of the long-term body clock. Approaches that enhance metabolic fitness appear likely to lengthen life, including its quality.

To find out more read our in-depth article, Everything You Need To Know About Your Metabolism.

Reduce inflammation

The process of inflammation is natural and protective, when functioning as intended. However, as with metabolism, our modern diet and lifestyle can hijack this protective mechanism.

See, inflammation is the way the body counters an irritant. Germs, chemicals, injuries, and more, act as a trigger. The immune system bursts into action to remove the threat and restore balance. Afterwards, quiet should be restored.

A less-than-ideal diet and lifestyle — and other factors — prolongs and transforms the inflammatory process. The cogs continue to whirr. The body continues to fight. The tiring experience takes its toll.

So much so that three in five deaths worldwide are attributed to chronic inflammatory diseases. Diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). As the article, Chronic Inflammation, noted, “Chronic inflammatory diseases are the most significant cause of death in the world.”

How can you avoid or settle wayward inflammation and promote longevity?

We discuss science-backed steps in our article, 5 Tips To Naturally Soothe Inflammation.

Safeguard your skin

It’s no secret: dehydrated, wrinkled skin looks and acts older.

That’s why the skincare industry is a massive, lucrative global business. But, many purported remedies and concoctions simply don’t work. Yes, they’ll reduce the plumpness of your bank balance. Yet, they won’t add to the plump of your complexion.

There are better options than plying lotions to your outermost layer. What works well is restoring your health from the inside. As the saying goes, beauty comes from the inside (out).

The luster and youthfulness of your skin is a reflection of your general health. As with the above two steps — protecting your metabolic function and reducing overzealous inflammation — safeguarding your skin starts within.

Want to know more?

Discover our top 7 evidence-based ways to protect and restore the health of your skin.

Promote a healthy gut

The gut might, at first, seem like a strange addition. After all, how can the gastrointestinal system influence longevity?

The answer is in many ways!

This is the place where ingested nutrients enter your body and from which toxins are ejected. So, the gut plays a role in protecting against inflammation.

For example, the expulsion of harmful compounds – the shifting of toxins from within your body to outside of your body – means your body doesn’t have to fight and destroy this material (through inflammation).

But it’s more than this alone…

Nutrients help you to function and heal.

A healthy gut improves metabolic function.

And your large intestine is filled with trillions of bugs. Together these bugs form the microbiota. As it turns out the right microbiota is a powerhouse for longevity.

The published report, Gut Microbiota and Extreme Longevity, compared “semi-supercentenarians” — those aged between 105 – 109 years old — with adults, the elderly, and centenarians. The authors found that aging is linked with a change in the abundance of certain species.

They also found that the oldest people — the semi-supercentenarians — had an “enrichment and/or higher prevalence of health-associated groups (e.g., Akkermansia, Bifidobacterium, and Christensenellaceae).”

Interestingly, the species Akkermansia and Bifidobacterium are known to shield against inflammation and promote metabolic health; the first two steps above.

Supplement with SuperGreens

No doubt you realize that a nourishing diet is key to wellbeing. But did you know that certain nutrients have certain roles, including maintaining youthfulness?

When we think about the above processes that promote aging — like poor metabolic function and chronic inflammation — this makes sense. Because healthy foods and the goodness they contain are protective. That’s why we recommend SuperGreens.

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The longevity takeaway

We’re often told we cannot do anything to slow the aging process. But that’s not what the research shows. In fact, we have incredible power. The steps we take can — and do — speed up or slow down how rapidly we age.

The choice, then, is yours…

Do you want to sit by the sidelines and allow your body to rust, wrinkle, and degrade?

Or do you wish to take a stand? To support your body to continue to thrive as you reach your older years?

We’re embracing the latter. We trust you’ll join us!