Ready to discover youthful glowing skin?

Is it time to reverse dehydration and damage?

Love to protect your complexion from the ravages of age?

Your skin is an outer reflection of your inner world; a virtual barometer of your insides. Wonderfully — as with all things health — positive lifestyle habits can transform this, the largest organ of your body.

Here are our top 7 steps to encourage gorgeous, youthful and resilient skin.

Quit harmful habits

It’s well-established that certain habits prematurely age the skin; just as they age the body in general. Smoking, alcohol consumption, and excess sun exposure included.

If you are a smoker, speak to your health professional about quitting.

If you regularly enjoy alcohol, accurately assess how much you drink. Then take action, if needed.

If you’re out in the sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., consider covering up, using sunscreen, and wearing sunglasses and a hat. Avoid tanning and do not allow your skin to burn.

Sleep well

You’ve likely noticed that poor sleep can leave dark circles lingering around your eyes. Circles that others can notice.

One study deprived participants of sleep for 31 hours, then allowed a five-hour sleep. Photos were then taken. A separate group of people rated these photos for facial appearance. The researchers found the faces of sleep-deprived people were rated as having:

— additional droopiness at the corners of the mouth
— greater hanging eyelids
— darker circles under the eyes
— more swollen eyes
— redder eyes
— an increase in fine lines and wrinkles
— paler skin

With continuing poor sleep, one would expect this may worsen.

Eat well

Your diet affects every aspect of your wellbeing. While it might seem strange, skin health is no different.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, a low sugar intake, consumption of nutrient-rich whole foods, restricting certain foods, as well as avoiding excess calorie consumption are key.

How key?

A 2019 study found that women who ate more red meat were likely to have more facial wrinkles. Whereas women who ate greater amounts of fruit had fewer wrinkles.

A 2018 study found that skin autofluorescence — that inner glow — was brighter in people who ate breakfast and those who avoided sugary foods. Eating in moderation and enjoying vegetables also boosted the skin’s radiance.

Other research showed that a diet including a higher consumption of olive oil, vegetables, the mineral, potassium, and vitamins A and C is also linked to fewer wrinkles.

The consumption of whole foods — as opposed to highly processed foods — are ideal for youthful, gorgeous skin.

Exercise regularly

When you think about the benefits of exercise, there’s a good chance thoughts of weight, physique, appearance, fitness, and strength spring to mind. But have you ever thought about regular physical activity as an antidote to wrinkles?

A study published in the journal, Aging Cell, investigated this link. Aging is related to structural deterioration of the skin. This deterioration is largely driven by diminished tissue mitochondrial metabolism. Mitochondria, as you might know, are the powerhouses of the cells; the furnaces, so to speak.

This research found that endurance exercise reduces age-related changes to the skin. The mechanism? The control exercise exerts on the skin’s mitochondrial metabolism.

Regular exercise, then, is key. Moving often and staying physical fitness may also improve the “fitness” — the structure, strength, and youthfulness — of your skin.

Maintain a healthy weight

Is your weight within its healthy range?

In this modern world, we sometimes aim to be too slim. But this can have consequences, including for our skin.

The study, Lifestyle and youthful looks, investigated links between lifestyle, facial wrinkling, and perceived facial age. The authors found that being underweight can make you appear older. In women between the ages of 45 and 75, a low body mass index (BMI) led to an almost 11-year increase in perceived facial age!

Being overweight can also stress your skin. Obesity can lead to a raised blood sugar level and diabetes. People who are obese and diabetic have been shown to have more aged skin.

Research has shown “decreased stratum corneum hydration, increased transepidermal water loss, higher skin advanced glycation end-products and decreased dermal collagen fiber density compared with normal-weight subjects.” In short, dehydrated skin, increased skin damage, and loss of collagen. Yes, the very changes that distinguish older skin.

Use a moisturizer

Do you have a regular skincare regime?

If not, it might be time.

The above study also found that irregular skin moisturization — in conjunction with brushing teeth once a day, donning false teeth, and having skin that reddens in the sun — raised perceived facial age by just over nine years.

Supplement with collagen

Supplemental collagen has hit the headlines in recent years for its purported health benefits. Healthier gut function, improved hair and nail health, and youthful radiant skin top the list. But could simply supplementing really be a secret to beautiful skin?

A study published in the journal, Nutrients, compared two groups of women aged 35 years and older. The first took a placebo, an inactive “sugar” pill. The second took a supplement that contained 2.5 g of collagen peptides, as well as acerola fruit, vitamins B7, C, and E, plus zinc.

After twelve weeks, the skin of the participants was assessed for elasticity, density, hydration, and roughness. The result was remarkable.

The study authors confirmed that, “Objective dermatological measurements… have proven that oral collagen peptides together with other dermanutrients significantly improve skin hydration, elasticity, roughness, and density after three months of intake.”

That’s right; even in as little as three months, your skin may become visibly healthier.

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The takeaway

Slowing — even reversing — the age of your skin is possible.

To encourage gorgeous, youthful and resilient skin, quit or restrict harmful habits, sleep and eat well, exercise regularly, maintain a healthy weight, use a moisturizer, and supplement with collagen.

By nourishing and caring for your body, you can beautify your complexion!