Did you know that without protein our cells would cease to function? Protein is made up of amino acids which are vital for a myriad of metabolic functions in the human body such as immune function, tissue growth, tissue and muscle repair, as well as being the catalyst to important enzymatic reactions in the body.

Whether you are plant-based or an all-out carnivore, supplementing with a protein powder can be an easy, efficient and delicious way to reach your daily protein requirements.  ONEST VEGAN COMPLETE PRO is a perfect product for this need! 

Why Supplement?

Protein is the building block of life.  Every cell, tissue and organ in the human body is comprised of chains of amino acids, which are the foundation of protein. Our bodies naturally produce 11 amino acids which are classified as “non-essential”. There are then 9 other amino acids that we have to obtain through our diet. These are referred to as “essential” amino acids.

Protein helps support and facilitate cellular growth and energy, muscle growth and strength, as well as tissue and muscle repair.

Protein is also essential for the production of enzymes and neurotransmitters which ensure our digestive, metabolic and cognitive systems are working.  Without these essential and nonessential protein forming amino acids, our bodies are unable to repair damaged cells or produce new ones.

The fact of the matter is, we need protein to live and thrive.


Benefits Of Vegan Protein:

  • Better Digestion

Plant based sources of protein are jam packed with healthy fibres, prebiotics and digestive enzymes that naturally improve digestion, absorption and assimilation, increase motility and reduce symptoms of bloating. 

Approximately 65% of the human population has an intolerance to lactose. This means that most people will suffer digestive upsets after consuming whey products.  

Plant-based proteins are the perfect alternative to whey for anyone who suffers with digestive problems such as bloating.

  • Allergy Free

Most plant proteins are also hypoallergenic, meaning that it is unlikely to trigger an inflammatory response in the body. When the body is inflamed we don’t assimilate nutrients properly. If that isn’t bad enough, systemic inflammation will lead to poor recovery as well. Prolonged DOMS any one? No thank you!

  • Diet Diversity

Diversifying your diet means obtaining nutrients (minerals, macros, vitamins, antioxidants etc.) from more than just one source. In this instance, if you consume mostly or all animal forms of protein sources, then adding a plant-based option to the mix can give you a different dose of beneficial vitamins, minerals, fibre sources, enzymes, prebiotic, antioxidants and fatty acids that might be lacking from your diet.

  • Nutrients and Alkalinity

Plant-based protein supplements have a much higher micronutrient profile than whey based protein powders and are high in phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and prebiotic fibres which all contribute to optimal health.

In addition to this, unlike whey protein, vegan powders are alkaline which helps with the absorption of the protein and keeps inflammation at bay, which we talked about in point 2.

  • Avoid Added Hormones & Antibiotics 

Animal-based sources of protein including whey products can contain added hormones and antibiotics (consumed by or given to the bovine) whereas plant-based sources of protein are void of these toxins.

  • Complete Proteins

Over the years there has been some debate that plant proteins are inferior to those of the whey kind. Good news Folks, that’s all a myth. In fact, when it comes to nutrient bioavailability, digestion and protein absorption, plant-based proteins take the podium.

A 2013 clinical study revealed that rice protein was equivalent to whey when it came to building muscle, improving body composition (reducing fat mass), gaining strength and aiding in recovery.

For many gym goers, shakes are an integral part of their daily routine. As discussed throughout this article, when done correctly, protein supplements can provide more than just beneficial muscle gains; they can bring us closer to optimal wellbeing. If this is the case, then it is imperative that we choose wisely.

Onest Vegan Complete Pro is a rich source of plant-based protein to promote muscle building and repair, increase satiety while keeping blood sugar steady and improves your mood!

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