I see you blending kale into your shake, chomping down 200g of broccoli and green beans next to your reheated chicken breast at each meal but is it really enough?

Unfortunately, as humans we tend to overeat yet are completely undernourished.

You cannot out supplement a poor diet but when it comes to proper nutrition, even if you are loading up on fruit and veg, you still may not be getting the most out of your diet when it comes to micronutrients.

What can you do to give your body the true fuel it needs and maximize your health?

Load up on micros with a Supergreens powder daily, such as ONEST SUPERGREENS.

This is the one supplement every person on the planet needs to be having.


What is a greens powder?

In short, a greens powder will usually contain an overabundance of alkalising vegetables and grasses, phytonutrient-rich marine greens, superfoods loaded with antioxidants and the good ones will also contain digestive aids and immune-supporting fruits or herbs.

What do they do?

  • Alkalize the body – restoring the bodies PH balance
  • Fight free radicals and reduce oxidative stress
  • Aid in digestive health
  • Aid in weight loss
  • Boost energy and sex drive
  • Increase endurance and performance
  • Aid in recovery
  • Boost immune function

And so much more.


Why do we need them?

1. Optimal Health

If your diet is poor in micronutrients, it is possible you will develop some nutrient deficiencies. This can lead to serious consequences such as: metabolic disruption, hormonal imbalances, low concentration and mood, reduced immune function, higher fatigue levels, reduce performance and physical output, lowered sex drive, poor sleep, and weight gain to name only a few.

2. Depleted Soil

Over the last century, an increase in industrial farming has led to the depletion of the most nutritious topsoil. This means that there is a loss of vitamins, minerals and beneficial soil bacteria that would have been present in our food when our grandparents were born. The reduction of these beneficial vitamins and minerals, as well as the additions of toxic fertilizers and pesticides means that we are getting short-changed in the natural foods department.

To add insult to injury, unless you are buying farm-fresh produce, generic grocery store fruit and veg are normally harvested weeks before we see them and have travelled far and wide before it reaches your hands. Therefore, the produce we are consuming is even more void of nutrition than ever before.

3. Lack of Adventure

How often are you buying the same exact fruits and vegetables? The bro diet “micro staples” of berries, banana, green beans and broccoli is completely lacking in nutrient, vitamin, mineral and prebiotic variety.

4. Stress – Emotional, Environmental, Mental and Physical

Stress depletes our bodies of vitamins and minerals. Most of us go to work, which will usually involve some form of mental stress. If you’re following me and reading this, I am going to assume that you go to the gym - that’s a physical stress. You then have environmental stress on top of that by being exposed to pollutants, possible relationship stress, stress of being in traffic… the list goes on.


Now we know why, what are the some of the key greens?

  • Alfalfa: A nutrient dense source of green nutrition. Extremely rich in chlorophyll which aids in the detoxification of the liver and blood system. Contains fibre for digestion and is rich in carotenes, vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids. Alfalfa is also incredibly alkalising.
  • Barley Grass. Jam packed with an incredible nutrient profile, rich antioxidant properties, essential amino acids, high in chlorophyll and is super alkalizing.
  • Wheat Grass: A complete food source. It is said that one shot of wheat grass is the equivalent of consuming 2 pounds of greens – can you believe it. What a power house. This green is super energising, aids in digestive function, detoxifies the system, alkalises and has an overabundance of vitamins and minerals.
  • Spirulina: A blue green algae. Not only does it have incredible benefits like the others, but the plants blue/ green colour comes from a compound called phycocyanin which boosts immune function and has anti-bacterial properties.
  • Chlorella: Rich in minerals and deep nutrition, Chlorella is known for its powerful detoxifying properties and microflora support. Chlorella’s detoxing properties are potent; the plant compounds bind to heavy metals, chemicals, toxins and pesticides in the digestive tract yet is intelligent enough to not bind to the vitamins and minerals we need such as calcium, magnesium and zinc.

As you can see supplementation with a Supergreens formula is a recommended, cost-effective way to prevent nutrient deficiencies. To give your health a boost, CLICK HERE to order your Onest Supergreens.