You know that hitting the gym on a regular basis can transform your body and your life. You know that committing to a goal provides the propulsion towards it. You know that if you could just get your workouts done, you’d feel energized, happier and healthier… but it just seems too hard!

If this is how you feel, you’re not alone. One of the difficulties people face in achieving true health is that “it” appears too difficult. But implementing sensible, even easy, steps can switch this mindset around. Yes, your workout can become a habit, a routine that you just do, rather than mull over in your mind.

So, how can you shortcut a middling mindset and build a rock-solid, indestructible habit?

Let’s take a look at our favorite seven tips…


Set goals


As Lawrence J. Peter said, “If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else.”


Goal setting is necessary so you can plan and meet your aim. Decide what you want to achieve and write down your SMARTER goals; those that are:


Specific (be clear about your exact desire)

Measurable (so you can follow your progress, know when you hit benchmarks, or when you fall short)

Achievable (attainable)

Relevant (does the goal really matter to you? Is it worthwhile? Is it realistic?)

Time-bound (consider the timeframe you need and set a realistic deadline)

Evaluated (you need to rate your progress so you can vary your approach when needed)

Reviewed (appraising your goal and progress is essential for any journey, including one towards better fitness)

A simple notepad or a beautiful goal and progress diary will provide dedicated space for your SMARTER goals.


Schedule your workouts


Prioritize your workouts like you would another important meeting or appointment. Fill your diary with your session dates and stick to them. It is also helpful to schedule the exact exercises you will perform during each workout so you don’t head off track.


Photo Credit: Gym Junkies

Use a pre-workout support


Bodies can feel heavy, brains busy, and life tiring. This can make it hard to hit the gym and lead to a subpar workout. But there is a powerful super-fast hack…

The science-backed ingredients in HyperLoad are designed to help you:

  • Train longer and harder
  • Delay exercise-induced fatigue
  • Improve exercise performance
  • Increase power output
  • Enhance muscle oxygen consumption
  • Promote blood flow
  • Increase energy
  • Improve mental focus
  • Promote a calm, relaxed state
  • Improve mood
  • Boost motivation
  • Elevate thermogenesis (calorie expenditure)
  • Enhance muscle recovery


Simply mix one scoop of HyperLoad with 10 ounces (300 ml) of water 15-minutes before you hit the gym to power up your motivation and supercharge your energy.

As Guadalupe said, “WoW, if it was not for HyperLoad, I would not be able to achieve my workout session.”


Onest Health HyperLoad

Track your progress


Hitting any meaningful goal requires careful tracking.

When consistent, every workout begins from a different place. But progress is gradual, sometimes imperceptible. By tracking, you will notice small and large advancements. It allows you to witness yourself as you propel forwards to a stronger, healthier body. This is motivating!

Tracking also enables you to tweak your workout to alter your routine, so you remain firmly on the fast track to your goal.


Find a workout you enjoy


Nobody loves to perform activities they hate, day after day. It’s a drag! And if you’re fighting against yourself, forming a healthy habit is nigh on impossible. No one said this journey has to be torturous!

Find a workout that you enjoy. It is far easier to cement a routine when enacting it is easy, seamless fun.

Love endurance? Create a session to max this aspect.

Enjoy explosive strength? Great! Opt for jumping and powerlifting.

Fond of the gruel of maximum strength? Heavyweights and low reps can form the basis of your sesh.

Adore variety? Plan and implement a range of exercises over the course of your week.


Photo Credit: Activbody


Take before, during, and after photos

Want an irrefutable record of your progress? One that shows your morphing body, over time? Take photos.

These are not for public sharing unless you wish. But they can aid habit formation because you can see, right there in front of your eyes, the noticeable changes that are taking place.

Use the same lighting and setting. Wear similar form-fitting clothing or workout gear. Take front, side and back views. Note on them the date and time.

If you feel uninspired, look back over the earlier pictures. Notice your growing biceps, your burgeoning six-pack, the increased tone in your legs, or how your love handles are a little less full.

This will help you to build an enthusiastic habit.


Reward your achievements


When you hit goals, celebrate them!

A life of unappreciated drudgery is hard to maintain. In fact, unless you are literally wired for pain, it’s a good way to kill a habit. Fast.

So, kick continual suffering to the side. Instead, be proud of your achievements. Reward yourself for them…

Did you just lose a dress size? It’s time to hit the shops for a new dress or belt.

Hit a muscle circumference you’ve been aiming for? Schedule a therapeutic massage.

Followed a healthy month of eating? Buy a blender to make supplementation and smoothies easier to create.

Drunk sufficient H20 this week? That fancy new water bottle has your name written all over it.

Let go of the self-imposed denial and flagellation. Reward your efforts and accomplishments. It’s easier to build a long-term habit when it follows a joyful path.


Working out on a regular basis is key to transforming your body, mind, and life. Once this becomes a well-entrenched habit, the heaviness of initiation lightens. It is simply easier to propel yourself, to maintain and build upon your accomplishments.


By setting goals, scheduling your workouts, using a pre-workout support, tracking your progress, finding a workout you enjoy, taking and comparing intermittent photos, and rewarding your achievements, it will become infinitely easier to form the exercise habit you need to transform your life.


You’ll develop a strident workout routine that fits seamlessly into your life. As a result, you’ll feel energized, happier, healthier, and empowered!