Are you ready to hit the holidays? To bask in the soporific warmth of catchups, relaxation, sleep in’s and, of course, food… Lots of food!

Time away from life, as usual, can seduce. We drop our guard. Change our behaviors. The abundance of rich, calorie-dense foods tantalizes the tastebuds, making it difficult not to indulge. But as holidays stretch into weeks, unrestrained eating can stretch the waistline and harm, too.

This begs the question…

How can you enjoy your holidays and not overindulge?

Here are our top five tips:


Stay active

Holidays need not translate into an indented couch. If they do, a wobbly bottom and flabby muscles might accompany your return to everyday life.

Whether enjoying a vacation or staycation, there are many active options. These will, in part, offset an increased calorie intake. So…

If you love to lift weights, great! Keep it up.

Or take advantage of the downtime to relinquish the status quo. Try new, even adventurous, forms of physical activity.

Love to shimmy? Hold a dance party.

Camping near green space? Throw around a frisbee.

Staying at a stunning nature reserve? Enjoy the freedom, space, and challenge of a hike.

Feel nostalgic for the hula hoop? It’s time to wiggle those hips!

Close by safe water? Learn to stand-up paddle boarding or kayak, or go for a swim.

Find your little-used bike gathering cobwebs in the garage? Dust it off and head out for a cycle…

Or simply walk. Depending on your size, 10,000 steps will burn 300 - 400 calories. A daily jaunt is super easy to achieve. Put on your headphones and combine your stroll with meditation. Invite a loved one so you can walk and talk. Take your camera and snap as you step.


Photo Credit: Medibank


Eat small meals, often

Don’t let yourself become hungry! Hunger lowers your guard, especially when confronted with delicious offerings.

If surrounded by mouth-watering choices, try consuming small, healthy meals throughout the day. This may quell the tendency to enthusiastically indulge in high-calorie meals.

An apple and a handful of nuts, a two-egg omelette with mushroom and spinach, a hearty soup with cauliflower bread, beet and orange salad. There are ample options that taste divine, incorporate the satiating effects of protein and fiber, and ease cravings and the desire to indulge.


Stay hydrated

It’s difficult to stay on track when an irresistible hankering strikes. The aroma of a decadent dessert, the enticing appearance of a cheese-stuffed pizza, the tempting texture of a freshly baked bagel can all switch off a discerning mind. As you mutter, ‘why not? I’m on vacation!’, your hand reaches out. Your mouth salivates. Your mind readies your body for an impending gorge, pushing you into action.

We beat ourselves up for lack of willpower, but resolution can melt away with the holiday feels. Instead of beating yourself up, incorporate proven hacks. This is where hydration comes in.

A study published in the Journal of Natural Science, Biology and Medicine investigated the effects of drinking an additional 0.4 gallons per day; 17-fluid ounces 30-minutes before each main meal. After eight weeks, appetite was suppressed, and body weight and fat was significantly reduced.

The simple practice of regularly drinking additional water, then, makes it easier to say no as hunger’s voracity is lower. The desire to indulge gets calmed. You might also return from holidays with a slimmer, healthier body.


Take HyperBurn

Think of HyperBurn as your daily protector; able to fend off cravings, quell your appetite, and boost your metabolism. Its science-backed formula contains many ingredients, including:

Capsicum extract is rich in capsaicin and capsinoids and enhances metabolism, boosts fat oxidation, promotes the ability to burn fat, reduces appetite, and increases the sensation of fullness, so you eat less.

Grapefruit seed extract contains antioxidants and essential oils that protect the body against free radicals. As you understandably indulge in rich food and drink, a level of protection is already in place.

Bitter orange extract encourages the use of fat as energy and increases metabolism. This incredible compound also naturally suppresses appetite and food intake. And, handy for holiday fun, it also increases stamina.

In short, one serving of HyperBurn in the morning helps to curb hunger cravings, raise energy levels, and protect your body from insults. Yes, even the ones that are enjoyable!


Onest Health HyperBurn


Supplement with SuperGreens

For most people, a break in our every day routines will bring a change to our diet: more sugar, more alcohol. More fat heightened richness. Fewer fruits, fewer vegetables, and a consequent reduction in nutrients. The list goes on.

Taking a specific supplement makes sense to ensure you consume adequate vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and digestive enzymes.

Our SuperGreens product is rich in hundreds of protective and necessary compounds, including ingredients you likely don’t receive in sufficient measure even in your normal day-to-day life… Broccoli, cabbage, and kale. Blueberry, matcha green tea, pomegranate, and raspberry… Alfalfa, celery, parsley, spirulina, tomato, and wheatgrass… The list is long!

Together, these organic ingredients combine to:

  • Support detoxification so you can release toxins acquired through over indulgence
  • Alkalize and oxygenate your tissues
  • Promote the production of energy
  • Contribute to healthy metabolism
  • Aid general gut health and calm digestive issues. Yes, those that often flare during holidays due to a change in diet!

One scoop of SuperGreens mixed with water once or twice a day gently infuses a multitude of healing nutrients into your body. Simply and easily!


Onest Health SuperGreens


The Time-Off Takeaway

Holidays can be wonderful; a period for conversation, rest, reflection, and the sharing of figurative bread. This time ought to be enriching and rewarding, rather than something to recover from when life resumes its normal velocity.

By remaining active, enjoying healthy small meals, often, staying hydrated, and supplementing with Hyperburn and SuperGreens, this holiday period can be full of joy, energy, and safe respite. With a bit of planning, some sensible steps, and an agreement to enjoy rather than over indulge, you can return to normal life feeling rested and rejuvenated. Enjoy!