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The effort you put in the gym is only part of the equation when it comes to transforming our physique. Diet, rest, AND supplementation have a huge impact on the results we see in the mirror!

When it comes to building muscle, protein synthesis is king. Amino Acids have an anabolic effect and increase the rate of protein synthesis to fuel muscle growth and strength gains.

Onest Health AMINOLOAD contains all 9 Essential Amino Acids, including 6G of BCAAs and 3G of EAAs, to maximize protein synthesis and create an anabolic environment for muscle growth! While other products may contain only BCAAs, studies have shown that all 9 of the Essential Amino Acids found in AMINOLOAD are necessary for optimal muscle repair and growth.

We added L-Taurine to promote increased cell volume for muscle fullness and increased strength.

Take Onest Health AMINOLOAD before, during, or after your workout to kickstart your muscle growth and recovery!

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Say goodbye to fatigue, wasted workouts, and underperforming in the gym.

Onest Health AMINOLOAD provides your body the essential amino acids it needs to fight fatigue and bring your workouts to the next level. BCAAs have been shown in studies to increase energy and reduce fatigue during high intensity training.

We’ve added Coconut Water to replenish electrolytes lost during training and boost energy to help you push your body to the limit!

Onest Health AMINOLOAD has been designed to fuel your workouts, increase fatigue resistance, and decrease recovery time.

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You just hit a new PR on bench! You just got done with an intense training session and annihilated your muscles from every angle. Set, after set, after set.

Did you know that after killing it in the gym, your body is actually in a catabolic state where muscle is breaking down? We need to flip the switch and get back to an anabolic state as soon as possible to recover and build a bigger and stronger muscle.

Onest Health AMINOLOADhelps prevent muscle breakdown by supplying your body the amino acids it needs to keep your body in an anabolic state - primed for building muscle and losing fat.

In addition, AMINOLOAD includes a Hydration and Electrolyte blend designed to ensure you operate at peak performance and recover as quickly as possible! We’ve included L-Glutamine to enhance performance and speed up recovery. Coconut Water contains vitamins that aid in muscle recovery and boosts hydration while replenishing electrolytes lost during training. Calci-K® promotes blood flow and TRAACS® prevents muscle cramping and soreness.

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  • L-Leucine

Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA)

Stimulates protein synthesis

Increases energy production

Improves muscle recovery

Aids in fat loss

Regulates blood sugar levels

  • L-Isoleucine

Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA)

Promotes muscle recovery

Supports muscle tissue development

Regulates blood sugar levels

  • L-Valine

Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA)

Helps with the repair and growth of muscle tissue

Maintains nitrogen balance

Preserves the use of glucose

  • L-Lysine

Essential Amino Acid (EAA)

Helps maintain lean body mass while in a caloric deficit

Improves fat mobilization for energy

Increases calcium absorption

Decreased fatigue

  • L-Threonine

Essential Amino Acid (EAA)

Critical for maintaining proper protein balance

Allows for better absorption of nutrients

Improves liver function

Used to form collagen and elastin

  • L-Phenylalanine

Essential Amino Acid (EAA)

Elevates mood

Aids in memory retention

Increases Vitamin D absorption

  • L-Methionine

Essential Amino Acid (EAA)

Fat metabolization

Improves digestion

Increased energy production and muscle growth

  • L-Histidine

Essential Amino Acid (EAA)

Growth and repair of muscle tissue

Helps remove excess heavy metals from the body

Speeds up and improves digestion

  • L-Tryptophan

Essential Amino Acid (EAA)

Encourages a positive mood

Supports relaxation

Promotes restful sleep

  • L-Glutamine

Non-Essential Amino Acid that occurs naturally in your body

Synthesis of muscle tissue

Decreases cravings for sweets

Aids in memory recall and concentration

  • L-Taurine

Non-Essential Amino Acid that occurs naturally in your body

Increases muscle cell volume

Aids in muscle contraction

Fat mobilization and oxidation

Regulates blood sugar levels

  • Coconut Water

Boosts hydration

Increases energy

Contains vitamins that aid in recovery

High in potassium

Restores electrolytes for improved performance

  • Calci-K®

Patented Calcium/Potassium/Phosphorus complex blend

Readily absorbable form of calcium

Promotes blood flow

Helps strengthen bone density and structure

Regulates blood pressure


Patented form of Magnesium that is 100% chelated to the Amino Acid Glycine for maximum absorption

Improves muscle contractions

Prevents muscle cramping and soreness

Relieves stress and anxiety

Increases energy

  • AstraGin®

100% natural compound – highly purified blend of Astragalus membranecous and Panax notoginseng plant extracts

Increases absorption and bioavailability of amino acids

Increases protein synthesis in muscle

Promotes gut health and reduces inflammation


Mix 1 scoop (16g) with 350 ml (11.8 oz) – 750 ml (25.3 oz) of water in an Onest Health shaker. Vary amount of water to taste. Consume during or after your workout. On non-training days, drink at any time during the day to maximize potential performance.

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Saima K.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Good stuff

I drink this during my workouts and noticed it does help with recovery whilst training. Tastes great, got the apple flavour. Mixes well. Works well. Will purchase again

Mona G.
Germany Germany
Toller Geschmack

Mir schmeckt es sehr gut, ich hatte Candy Apple. Mir hilft es sehr beim Training, ich trinke es immer währenddessen. Werde es mir auf jeden Fall wieder bestellen.

Onest Health  AMINOLOAD Review
Deborah M.
United States United States
Loyal customer

A major staple in my supplement routine!! Been using aminoload for a year now and I swear it’s hands down everything it claims to be plus taste AH-MAZE-ING!!!!!!

Onest Health  AMINOLOAD Review
Pilar T.
United States United States
Very yummy

Excellent !!

United States United States
Need more flavors

I love using after my workouts, however I wish there were more flavors to choose from. I got the candy apple, not a fan. I originally wanted the tropical flavor but it was sold out for a while. I will continue to use, however will wait till the tropical splash is back is stock!

Onest Health  AMINOLOAD Review

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