Are you struggling to win the battle of the bulge?

Would you love to shed your muffin top or love handles and reveal a slender waistline?

Are you frustrated that the results of months at the gym are hidden under a stubborn layer of unwanted fat?

You’re in good company. Weight loss can be difficult! (Especially when unaware of the “cheats” that successful shedders use.)

Weight loss attempts are often so difficult that they fail. In fact, that’s the norm. (Or worse, dieting can lead to long-term weight rebound and gain.)

This leads to a nasty cycle…

A National Center for Health Statistics reported that almost 50% of Americans tried to shed pounds each year. Yes, one in two people is sufficiently unhappy with their bodies that they take active steps to slim down. Many, once again. Yet the rates of obesity continue to soar. In the past two decades alone, obesity rates have skyrocketed by a depressing 37%.

The State of Obesity: Better Policies for a Healthier America states that 41.9 percent of adults have obesity. This means not just carrying a little paunch but being significantly overweight, with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or above.

When we factor in overweight and obesity, carrying too much fat becomes the norm. For example, by state, 72.3% of Kentuckians, 72.7% of Mississippians, and around 73.5% of West Virginians weigh more than they should.

So, with rising rates of overweight and obesity and the common failures of dieting, what can you do to succeed?

How can you buck the trend and shed unwanted pounds for good?

How can you become comfortable in your own skin?

This is the million-dollar question!

There’s a science-backed strategy we’d like to share. It is found in one of nature’s powerhouses: chili peppers! Capsaicinoids, including capsaicin, to be specific.

Capsaicinoids: The (potential) secret to a slimmer waistline

When you think of chili pepper, your mind might jump to warm, tasty fare. Whether you identify as a spicy food aficionado or teeter on the sidelines, too timid to devour a bowl of scorching chili, you’ll know this vibrant fruit can pack a potent punch. This is where its secret lies; in its potency.

Capsaicinoids are the compounds we’re interested in for weight loss. Including a specific type called capsaicin, one of only hundreds of active ingredients. And what compounds they are!

The consumption of capsaicinoids-containing foods is linked with a reduced incidence of obesity. Which begs the question…

How can capsaicin aid weight loss?

In four important possible ways…

Fat oxidation and increased calorie expenditure

The answer appears to lie partly in increased fat oxidation and calorie expenditure.

Fat oxidation — burning fatty acids for energy — is one way the body burns calories. A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition investigated the effects of capsaicin on oxidation. They placed participants on a very low-energy diet for four weeks, followed by a three-month weight-maintenance period with either supplemental capsaicin or a placebo (“sugar pill”).

At the conclusion of the study they found that only supplemental capsaicin “caused sustained fat oxidation” through the weight-maintenance period.

This could be especially beneficial in those with obesity…

Research published in the journal, Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry, found that resting energy expenditure — the number of calories burnt at rest — increased with capsinoids intake in people with a higher body mass index.

Appetite suppression

When you cannot control your food consumption, weight loss is difficult. Yet, deprivation and calorie counting are both unpleasant and (usually) ineffective long-term. So, what can you do; what choice do you have?

Research published in the appropriately named journal, Appetite, sought an answer…

The authors included a number of papers with a total of 191 participants. They found that the ingestion of capsaicinoids before meals reduced the number of calories people choose to eat naturally; without restriction.

By how much?

Calorie intake during meals dropped by 74 kcal (309.9 kJ). Yes, 74 calories per meal. It is sensible to expect that, over time, this may lead to weight loss. 

The reduction of fat accumulation

Imagine for a moment that you could reduce your body’s ability to create fat… Interested?

In one mouse study, authors gave their little participants a red pepper extract daily for two weeks. They found that supplementation “suppressed body fat accumulation.”

While this research is not definitive, it certainly hints at an exciting possibility!

Anti-inflammatory benefits

As the review article, Capsaicin in Metabolic Syndrome, noted, there is a clear link “between inflammation and development of metabolic disorders including obesity.”

Long-term low-grade inflammation is thought to be an instigator of fat tissue damage, leading to adipogenesis, the formation of adipocytes, or “fat cells.”

Belly — or visceral — fat included.

Unsurprisingly then, anti-inflammatory compounds may reduce obesity. As indeed the research shows they can.

Capsaicin works as an anti-inflammatory compound. An effective one to boot. The review's authors also state that “it can be hypothesized that capsaicin as an effective anti-inflammatory molecule would attenuate metabolic inflammatory conditions including obesity…”

Chili peppers, then, are powerhouses of potential weight loss!

Enter Capsimax

For many people, developing a daily habit of chewing on a chili pepper is a push too far. Apart from the discomfort and inconvenience, there’s no way to ensure an even, effective dose. But science and tech remove these barriers.

Enter Capsimax…

Capsimax is a concentrated extract of capsaicinoids, the chili pepper compounds linked to weight loss and maintenance. Taken as a supplement, it provides nature’s best through a simple oral product.

Because of the power of capsaicinoids, Capsimax is a key ingredient in our elite fat burner, HyperBurn. Blended with other potent ingredients and designed to encourage weight loss; naturally, it’s a crowd favorite!

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The takeaway

Fat loss and healthy weight maintenance are more than simply a “calories in, calories out” mathematical equation. And the research suggests capsaicinoids — particularly capsaicin — can act as “an Anti-Obesity Drug.

By enhancing fat oxidation, increasing calorie expenditure, suppressing the appetite, reducing fat accumulation, and providing anti-inflammatory benefits, Capsimax could be the fat shredding compound you’ve been searching for!

Grab your HyperBurn and get started today!