Are you ready to smash your workout, but you've noticed a wayward focus? You know, just enough to throw you off-kilter… If you can't center your attention like a beast, your results are going to tank… 

It's not only physical steps that sped the development of a strong, ripped physique. Laser-focused cognitive power will maximize workouts to deliver amped results.

So, how can you get your brain sharply back on track, focused like the devil with incredible outcomes to boot?

Here are our top 6 science-backed approaches…


Prioritize your sleep


Does your sleep suck?


Are you trying to run on empty?


You're not alone. In the USA, approximately three out of 10 adults report sleeping less than seven hours per night. That's the designated cutoff point that demarcates too little slumber. In fact, more than 50 million Americans have chronic sleep disorders. Some people struggle for years.


 As we slumber less, we tire more. This impacts focus and productivity.


The article, Sleep deprivation: Impact on cognitive performance, points to the fact that sleep is required for energy conservation, tissue recovery, and cognitive performance. And, as the authors noted, "People who are exposed to sleep loss usually experience a decline in cognitive performance and changes in mood."


So, not only does too little slumber impede how hard you can push and how quickly you recover, it can lower your motivation and diminish your focus and performance.

Imagine an incredible sesh.


For decades, athletes have gained an advantage by intimately imagining every aspect of their upcoming performance. From Billie Jean King in the 1960s to a broad swathe of modern elite athletes, imagery promotes focus and results.


Merriam-Webster dictionary has defined focus as "a state or condition permitting clear perception or understanding."


In using imagery, you gain clarity and comprehensive insight into each aspect of your workout; every movement, muscular contraction, feeling, smell, sight, and sound. Unsurprisingly, this honed attention results in more effective training.

Play motivational music

Maybe you've noticed that up-tempo tunes get your gym juices flowing? That's why every gym is populated by people with plugged-in headphones. We, humans, innately understand the benefits and inspiration that accompany music. The research supports this conviction.


A study published in The Sport Journal noted that:


"Music alters emotional and physiological arousal and can therefore be used before competition or training as a stimulant, or as a sedative to calm "up" or anxious feelings. Music thus provides arousal regulation fostering an optimal mindset."


An optimal mindset is a finely tuned workout weapon!




What music should you choose to maximize benefits?


One with a rhythm and tempo that matches your routine. Plus, selecting a favorite piece will boost its power to motivate because well-chosen tunes can lead to a state of flow.


Tip: The combination of imagery and music enhances muscular endurance.


Photo Credit: Healthline


Regularly practice meditation

Sharp attention isn't a fleeting trait that you either do or do not have. It can be cultivated. Where meditation is the tool, focus is the result.


Meditation is a practice that brings us to our center, though approaches differ. As an article published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology, there are various forms: affect-centered meditation, body-centered meditation, contemplation, mantra meditation, meditation with movement, mindful observation, and visual concentration. 


Did you notice; the similarity that runs through these seven approaches?


Each is a practice of focus.


Whether paying attention to a body part or a repeated phrase, an image or a thought, meditation continuously draws us back to a center point. In essence, this ancient exercise trains focus.


That's why those trained in meditation can stay on-task longer and err less.


This is great in the gym!

Incorporate healthy competition

There nothing like a little healthy competition to boost your focus during a workout.


In fact, pushing for the win has been shown to improve attention for tasks that require physical effort, particularly for men.


Whether in practice or imagined, focusing on the prize could result in a memorable gym sesh… Now, just keep it up!

Photo Credit: Medical News Today


Supplement with HyperLoad

Have you ever consumed a product to enhance your focus?

There's a good chance you have. See, while it may not register as such, caffeine is the world's most popular stimulant. As a review study said, "In Western society, at least 80 percent of the adult population consumes caffeine in amounts large enough to affect the brain."

And have effects on the brain it does!


Caffeine enhances alertness and reduces sleepiness. It also eases fatigue, boosts motivation, raises vigilance, amps up concentration, and aids cognitive performance. Each of these is essential for a laser focus.


HyperLoad, a customer favorite, incorporates caffeine-containing ingredients like green coffee bean extract, green tea extract, and caffeine anhydrous to up your focus and motivation. However, where many caffeine-containing products can trigger the jitters, as Brenda C said:


"HyperLoad not only tastes good, it also doesn't give me the jitters. It helps me get through my workout, especially on the days I don't feel like going to the gym!"


This incredible product also contains Nitrosigine® or inositol-stabilized arginine silicate. As a study published in the leading journal, Nutrients, found, this cutting-edge compound significantly improves "the ability to perform complex cognitive tests requiring mental flexibility, processing speed, and executive functioning." These speak to its ability to enhance attention.

HyperLoad helps you gain targeted mental focus to reach peak performance during any workout!


Onest Health HyperLoad


The Takeaway

To succeed in the gym, you must master mental focus. Everything else follows.


Sufficient sleep, imagery, and regular meditation will set you up for workout success. These three steps will help you to hit the figurative and literal ground running…


Listen to your favorite tunes and add in a little healthy competition during your sesh. This will hone your during-exercise attention…


Supplement with one scoop of HyperLoad around 10 to 20-minutes before working out to effortlessly secure your concentration throughout your routine.


If you want a ripped, fit body to be proud of, these six steps will help get you there!