What is it?

Bitter orange is a native Asian tree that is now used to make medicine, supplements, tinctures, liqueurs, jams, marmalades and food seasoning.

Bitter orange contains an active ingredient termed synephrine, which is what makes this plant so popular across the health and fitness industry. Synephrine is a naturally occurring alkaloid found in some plants which have nootropic, thermogenic and stimulant properties. With these three factors combined, bitter orange is a powerhouse providing improved athletic performance, cognitive function and metabolic function. 

What does it do?

Bitter orange is studied most specifically for its role in weight loss and athletic performance. The plant was initially used in traditional Chinese medicine for weight loss as the extract has the ability to suppress your appetite.

As we saw above, the Synephrine contained within bitter orange affects the nervous system; increasing metabolic rate, promoting thermogenesis, increasing caloric expenditure and the elevation of energy levels. When paired with caffeine or L- Carnitine, bitter orange can be an incredibly effective fat burner and metabolic booster.

In regard to athletic performance, bitter orange supports the vascular system, promoting improved circulation and increasing blood flow. Increased blood flow to muscles can lead to improved stamina, better pumps, improved strength and also better recovery.

When combined with a nutritious, calorically balanced diet and workout regime, Bitter Orange and its special thermogenetic compound,  Synephrine, can help elevate your energy levels, improve focus and cognitive ability as well as and increasing calorie expenditure throughout the day.

When use it?

ONEST includes bitter orange as a primary ingredient in THERMOBURN and HYPER BURN to provide an affective metabolic boosting cocktail supporting thermogenesis, appetite suppression, and improved energy.