Are you ready to improve your endurance, supercharge your recovery, and up your hydration?

Tired of pushing hard only to feel exhausted and sore, with results that don’t match up to your hard work?

AminoLoad — our workout rocket fuel — could be the answer to your prayers.

What is AminoLoad?

AminoLoad is a science-back supplement formulated to fuel muscle growth, increase hydration, nourish a hard working body, support optimal workout recovery, shred body fat, and help you achieve peak performance.

With the nine essential amino acids, including the branched chain amino acids, electrolytes, coconut water, and only 10 calories per serve, you can think of AminoLoad as your potent secret!

The 6 Top Benefits of AminoLoad

AminoLoad is designed to deliver a raft of benefits with every serve. Here are our top 6 benefits!

Faster Recovery

Exercise triggers muscle damage, causing symptoms that can occur immediately and may last up to two weeks. Exercise-induced muscle damage — or EIMD — is part of the process of gaining muscle and increasing fitness. But EIDM can halt progress through decreased functional capacity, muscle soreness, lower exercise capacity, reduced production of force, and potentially increasing injury risk.

And, if you’re unlucky, your genetic susceptibility to damage might be higher than the average.

Yet, the nutrients you consume — both in your diet and through science-backed supplementation — can reverse this problem.

As a study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found, consuming branched chain amino acids — or BCAAs — before and after resistance training reduces markers of muscle damage and speeds up recovery.

AminoLoad contains hearty doses of the three BCAAs, with 3000 mg of L-Leucine, 1500 mg of L-Isoleucine, and 1500 mg of L-Valine.

This makes faster recovery possible. The quicker you recuperate, the sooner you can push again.

Supercharged Muscle Growth

How do you build muscle?

It’s an equation that requires resistance training and essential amino acids.

When resting, more muscle protein is broken down than produced. In essence, you shed muscle. Working out flips the switch and stimulates muscle protein synthesis. However, to create an anabolic response — to build muscle — also requires essential amino acids.

As an article published in the Canadian Journal of Applied Physiology said, “The signal for stimulation of muscle protein synthesis appears to be the extracellular concentrations of one or more of the essential amino acids (EAAs).”

AminoLoad contains all nine of the EAAs: the branched chain amino acids, L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine, and L-Histidine, L-Lysine, L-Tryptophan, L-Phenylalanine, L-Threonine, and L-Methionine…

And AminoLoad tastes great!

As Laura D said, “After working out in the gym day in and day out I need something to help repair my muscles in the most effective way and this is it! It tastes great and I can definitely tell a huge difference in my appearance!”

Explosive Energy, Reduced Fatigue

It’s practically impossible to draw the best from your body — and certainly not enjoyable — when you drag yourself to the gym. When fatigue strikes, each rep can feel like you’re forcing your muscles through molasses. But this doesn’t have to be the case.

L-Methionine, coconut water, CALCI-K®, and TRAACS® — a patented form of magnesium – combine powerfully in AminoLoad to increase energy and fight fatigue.

Awesome Hydration to Perform at Your Best

Dehydration undermines physical and mental performance, stressing the heart and lungs, taking the edge off physical capacity, and increasing the risk of musculoskeletal injury.

In fact, research suggests that being under hydrated may drop strength by 5.5%, diminish power by 3%, and cull high-intensity endurance by a whopping 10%. Those figures quickly add up, meaning your workouts and training yield fewer results.

AminoLoad contains ingredients to maximize your hydration. Add one scoop to any fluid and you’ll benefit from coconut water and electrolytes.

Boost Your Mood

Are you feeling emotionally flat?

Life can be incessant and stressful. For some, this can lead to a low mood and perpetuate a negative cycle. But L-Tryptophan and magnesium may help.

Serotonin — known as the “happy” hormone — is important for maintaining a balanced mood. The EAA, L-Tryptophan, is the sole precursor of serotonin; it is required for the production of this mood boosting neurotransmitter.

Magnesium, known in the natural health world as “the great relaxer,” has been shown to be “effective for mild-to-moderate depression in adults” and calming stress.

AminoLoad contains L-Tryptophan and TRAACS®, a patented form of magnesium that’s designed for maximum absorption.

Note: If you feel depressed, please seek professional advice. You deserve to be happy and healthy.

Gain Muscle, Shed Fat: Reconfigure Your Body Composition

One of the problems with a traditional low-calorie weight loss diet is the accompanying loss of muscle mass, not just body fat. As lean muscle diminishes, your metabolism, strength, and physique take a hit too.

However, supplemental BCAAs can halt this decline.

A 2016 study investigated the effect of branched chain amino acids on 17 active males. The group was split into two. Both followed a low calorie diet, but one consumed BCAAs and the other carbohydrates.

The BCAA group lost body fat and preserved their lean mass. The carbohydrate group shed lean mass. The BCAA group increased their strength, while the carb group lost strength.

The researchers concluded:

These results show that BCAA supplementation in trained individuals performing resistance training while on a hypocaloric diet can maintain lean mass and preserve skeletal muscle performance while losing fat mass.

Why Should You Use AminoLoad?

AminoLoad has been formulated for faster recovery, enhanced muscle growth, optimal hydration, reduced fatigue, a happier mood, and to encourage beautiful body composition. If these goals are on your list, AminoLoad could fit the bill!

Free from caffeine and stimulants, with no fillers or preservatives and only 10 calories per serve, AminoLoad is formulated to be effective, safely.

How to Use AminoLoad?

Ready to set started?

Choose your preferred flavor from our two delicious options: Tropical Splash or Apply Candy!

Simply add one scoop to two cups (or 500 ml) of water. If you love a flavor that packs a punch, add less fluid. If you prefer a gentler taste, add more.

AminoLoad is best consumed during and directly after your workout. On your workout free days, enjoy throughout the day to maximize your recovery.

AminoLoad Takeaway

AminoLoad is a science-backed, effective customer fav.

As Adam K said…

“Awesome recovery and hydration benefits!

I work out 6 - 7 days a week and have incorporated AminoLoad into my daily routine… oftentimes using a scoop during my workout and once more throughout the day. From my experience, cramping due to dehydration has been an issue, however with AminoLoad, I haven't dealt with cramping at all! Love this product!”

We know you’ll love AminoLoad too. In fact, we guarantee it!

Grab your AminoLoad now. We look forward to hearing your success story soon!

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