Are you ready to achieve the slim silhouette you desire?

Would you love to build and maintain a more muscular body?

Do you want to attain — and maintain — peak aesthetic and physical fitness?

If you’re after maximum results and wish to achieve results you haven’t before, you’ll (likely) need to go beyond the basics. To step it up a notch. To take advantage of what science has discovered and can provide.

This brings us to the topic of this article.

Celebrities like Tim Ferriss and Dave Asprey have spoken about harnessing the power of evidence-based supplements to hack their well-being for years — including taking multiple supplements in unison. Yes, supplement stacking.

Whether your goal is improved fitness, muscle growth, sounder sleep, or weight loss, taking a leaf from Ferris and Asprey’s books could provide your answer. Supplement stacks could be the game-changer you’ve been seeking.

What Are Supplement Stacks?

A supplement stack is a combination of dietary supplements taken together to enhance their effectiveness or to achieve a specific health goal.

Sounds great, right?

But is this notion supported? Is the approach evidence-based?

The Science Behind Supplement Stacks

While this field continues to grow, there is science and common sense to support the supplement stack approach in three particular ways.

1. Particular nutrients work synergistically, directly boosting one another’s effects

A sprinkle of this and a splash of that might sound like sorcery. But when the ingredients are tested and measured, magic turns to matter.

For example, adding an ingredient like black pepper can increase the absorption and bioavailability of a twinned compound. Massively!

As a study published in the journal, Foods reported, piperine, an active component in black pepper, “when combined in a complex with curcumin, has been shown to increase bioavailability by 2000%.”

That makes a substantial difference to a supplement’s effectiveness!

2. Stacks can simultaneously address different factors

The body is akin to an intricate biological and chemical tapestry. As are the health challenges people face. It’s little wonder that a single factor seldom tells the whole story, so a sole approach rarely provides a complete answer. We must address a problem’s various interconnected elements to find a fix.

For example, there is a significant interplay between sleep and weight management. Research has shown that sound slumber promotes and supports a slimmer waistline and a healthy weight. The opposite is also true.

A study published in the journal, Sleep found that people who reported sleeping fewer than seven hours per night had higher average body mass indexes. They were likelier to be obese than those who slept for seven hours.

There are various reasons for the weight gain of the sleep deprived, including altered food preferences. Poor slumber can lead to a penchant for high-calorie foods. That’s why a chocolate croissant or bag of chips seductively calls your name the day after a restless night.

Solely focusing on direct fat reduction steps means you’ll overlook this piece of the fat loss puzzle. The “calories in, calories out” mantra doesn’t discuss sleep. Yet, this piece might make the difference between success and failure.

Yet, certain ingredients support deeper, longer, more rapid sleep with the potential side effects of a slimmer frame.

Enter supplement stacking!

You kill two metaphorical birds with one stone by choosing a stack that contains products that both support weight loss and improve sleep quality.

(This may be the secret to supercharging your weight loss!)

3. Various ingredients support a specific outcome in different ways

Sometimes you have one aim. To slim down, add muscular bulk, or sleep better. A stack can help here too.

For example, a supplement stack for muscle growth might include protein powder, creatine, and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), as these nutrients can work together to support muscle protein synthesis, energy production, and recovery.

Regarding supplement stacks, this apt saying comes to mind, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Getting Started with Supplement Stacks

We love supplement stacks! We’ve witnessed and heard about the remarkable benefits they deliver to our customers (and ourselves). Because of their impact, we’ve created five stacks. Each one is formulated and combined to multiply results.

1. Fat Burning Stack

Our Fat Burning Stack is designed to do what it says on the box: burn body fat!

With ThermoSleep and HyperBurn, you gain the synergy of deeper, more rapid slumber, reduced hunger and cravings, and increased metabolism and thermogenesis. That’s two birds, one stone!

As Mona said, “Best fat burning! ThermoSleep and HyperBurn are the ultimate for me to burn fat. HyperBurn in the morning makes me fit, and ThermoSleep helps me sleep like a baby.”

2. Workout Stack

Our Workout Stack features AminoLoad for faster recovery, improved muscular endurance, and hydration, and HyperLoad to maximize your strength and power, laser focus your mind, and help you to reach peak performance.

Andrea H enthuses, “Love it! My go-to products… Onest Products are my go-to products for my workout and lifestyle now! The flavors are wonderful, and I can truly feel and see the difference.”

3. Ultimate Fat Loss Stack

Ready to take it to the next level?

Our Ultimate Fat Loss Stack has one goal in mind: fat loss.

With ThermoSleep, HyperBurn, and ThermoBurn, we’ve created what we believe is one of the best fat loss stacks on the market. With a choice of flavors and proven ingredients, you’ll crush it with this potent trio.

4. FitQueen Stack

Specifically combined for our female customers, the FitQueen Stack is the cream of the crop. SuperGreens, ThermoSleep, HyperBurn, HyperLoad, two insightful eBooks, and a shaker have everything you need in one effective bundle.

Susanna B. adores this stack, saying, “I was dubious that it would work, but all my doubts are gone. I have finally achieved great, visible results. I have seen results on my scale and measuring tape. I can’t believe I finally found something that does what it says it does. It’s just too good and effective to pass up.”

5. Purple Blast Stack

Our popular Purple Blast products taste fabulous! So, after endless requests, we created the Purple Blast Stack for its rabid fans!

With HyperLoad, HyperBurn, and ThermoSleep, this stack combines thermogenic fat-burning and pre-workout goodness and supports sounder sleep. It’s a combo that packs a delicious and therapeutic punch.

The Stacks Takeaway

Supplement stack can be a game-changer — an effective way to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals. By synergistically combining nutrients and products, you can simultaneously boost bioavailability and address various factors.