Have you stopped to consider the connection between your muscles and your mind? And, importantly, how can you take advantage of this relationship?

Or do you push through? Ignoring the mind in order to chase the pump alone? Assuming your attention should focus squarely on the physical burn? That psychological factors aren’t important in physical sessions?

While this approach and thinking are quite common, there is a better way. One secret to a stronger physique lies where mind and muscle meet. By strengthening this connection you can work smarter to maximize your results. You can gain more with less.

Let’s look at 5 ways why a stronger mind-muscle connection matters…

Work smarter, not harder

For years, many of us pushed and pushed. Figuring that the harder we work, the better the results. But, as you might have already noticed, the body isn’t built on grit alone. There are other key pieces to the physique puzzle; smarter ways to maximize your results.

The first step is to work out your goals. Then you can determine the wisest steps to take.

For example, if you’d love to increase your fitness, energy level, and insulin sensitivity, high intensity training may be a better choice than continuous aerobic exercise. A study published in the Journal of Musculoskeletal and Neuronal Interactions found that:

High intensity training elicits stronger beneficial effects on physical fitness,… insulin sensitivity, and muscle mitochondrial content, as compared to continuous aerobic training.

Yes, better results can be achieved in less time by changing the type of exercise you enjoy.

Let's look at another example. Prioritizing your recovery enables you to shift from sore and unable to workout to speedier recuperation and — over time — bigger, stronger muscles and a taut, slender body.

In our article, 6 Ways To Improve Your Workout Recovery, we explain how to recuperate faster. In a nutshell:

— Space your workouts sensibly

— Take sleep seriously

— Engage in an active recovery (rather than plonking on the sofa)

— Time your nutrient intake well

— Use a foam roller

— Stay well hydrated

An interest in evidence-based approaches — and incorporating what you learn — will lead to smarter steps and better results. Your body will thank you for paying attention to your mind!

Perfect your form

Your form is super important, but it can be overlooked. Particularly when we’re inexperienced or reaching higher; heavier weights, a longer run, a more complex maneuver.

The right form engages the right muscles, allowing targeted exercise that is efficient, intended, honed. This moves us closer to our goals, while helping to supercharge results and avoid injury. By connecting your mind to your muscles in this way you can achieve more with less.

But this doesn’t only matter in the weights room or on the training track. By making form a constant in your life, you’ll enhance your posture, improve function, and potentially reduce pain.

Again, mindful focus leads to better muscle (and body wide) function.

Upgrade your coordination

Coordination is important for symmetry, safety, and improving skills. But it’s little considered in most run-of-the-mill training programs. Chances are when you head to the gym, synchronizing your psyche with your muscles is not front-of-mind. But yes, it would help if it was.

As PhysioPedia, a leading physical health resource, says, “The definition of coordination is the ability to execute smooth, accurate, controlled motor responses”.

In short, good coordination allows you to choose the correct muscles, at the right time, and with the perfect amount of strength to produce a precise, desired action.

But fine-tuning your coordination doesn’t just necessarily happen. Again, where you place your attention matters.

For example, a study published in The Sport Journal found that a coordination training program enabled tennis players to both learn and perform backhand and forehand skills better. Other research has shown that visualization — the imagined execution of a physical skill — improves performance in the real world. This included complex sporting skills.

Simply put, enhancing coordination through mental repetition fine tunes performance. No wonder mental imagery is so commonly practiced by elite athletes!

As an added benefit, good coordination is also key for a healthy life.

Turbocharge your motivation

Some days hitting your straps feels impossible. Work, stress, finances… life… can each get in the way. It might feel easier to collapse on the sofa than to get up and move. This can tank your mojo and take a toll on your physique.

However, your psyche is the seat of your motivation. Your mind is more powerful than you can imagine! (But, as we’ve seen above, imagine you should)

So, decide what you want. Set incremental and longer-term goals. Then use your mind to aid progress and dedication.

To do this…

— Set SMART goals

— Regularly review your progress and update each as you tick them off

— Fully commit to your training program

— Surround yourself with affirming people who will drive positive choice

— Treat inclination like a muscle and “exercise” your motivation regularly

Amp up your mojo and engagement

Have you noticed how when your mind feels tired your body often “goes out” in sympathy?

And how a fatigued body invariably leads to the inaction that promotes a wilting brain?

The two are intimately linked.

But, on the flip side, an energized brain frequently prompts a revitalized body. As your brain kicks in, your body will too.

So, by strengthening the connection between an energized mind and energized muscles, most things become easier. Easier to get started, easier to engage, easier to focus, easier to push through, and easier to succeed.

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The takeaway

By strengthening the connection between your mind and muscles you can turbocharge your results without extra effort or energy. This makes success a whole lot easier and more enjoyable.

Working smarter rather than harder, perfecting your form, upgrading your coordination, turbocharging your motivation, and amping up your mojo and engagement are the positive “side effects” of this focused approach.

Is it worth it? You betcha!