Could (even should) you become an early bird?

Is there really a difference between rising with (or before) the sun, or is this a dreary urban myth?

You’ve likely heard the positive raves by morning people, or those who have established the dawn routine. The crux of the notion is encapsulated in these two quotes:

"Wake up early and tackle the day before it tackles you. Be on offense, not defense."
- Evan Carmichael

"Wake up early. Be ambitious. Get stuff done."
- Unknown

But, is becoming a lark worth the effort?

Is extracting yourself from your warm, comfortable bed worth the trouble?

Let’s look at four science-backed reasons that rising earlier can improve your health. Then, we’ll share five easy steps to turn this idea into established practice; to make the habit stick. 

Reduced fatigue


Seems paradoxical, doesn’t it? That waking earlier could lessen fatigue.

But that's what a study published in the journal, Nature and Science of Sleep, found. The research showed that daytime dozing was experienced less and comfort on waking was experienced more in early birds; those who didn’t need to be “forcefully” awoken. Think nasty alarm clocks!

Happier mood


Do you experience repetitive negative thinking?

Do unhelpful, distracting thoughts pop into your head during the day?

The journal article, Duration and Timing of Sleep are Associated with Repetitive Negative Thinking, found that delayed sleep timing — going to bed late — increased compulsive, obsessive, negative thinking.

It’s no wonder, then, that morning larks report greater happiness than night owls…

In fact, cultivating the habit of waking an hour earlier than usual (so long as you don’t sleep less) may reduce the risk of clinical depression.

Less (avoidant) procrastination

If you focus on something enjoyable in the here and now at the cost of future task completion, you are experiencing avoidant procrastination: procrastination caused by the dislike of a task in favor of something pleasant.

This type of procrastination appears to be more common in late starters.

A diet-free way to slim down

It seems sensible that the number and quality of hours of sleep should be important in how sleep affects health, right? It is, but not solely; timing matters too. Including when it comes to your waistline.

A study published in the journal, Sleep, noted that heading to bed late and waking late negatively affects weight. The researchers found that night owls and late risers were “1.47 times more likely to be overweight [and] 2.16 times more likely to be obese.”


A study conducted by NorthWestern Medicine found that “Late sleepers consumed 248 more calories a day, twice as much fast food and half as many fruits and vegetables as those with earlier sleep times.”

On its own, that’s enough to inspire early waking!

So, if you’ve decided to embrace your inner early bird, how can you make this practice a habit?

5 easy steps to form the early riser habit

These 5 easy steps will help to improve your energy, elevate your mood, lessen your tendency to procrastinate, and effortlessly slim down!

Expose yourself to morning sunshine

Do you usually get up and head straight to an inside job?

Lack of sunshine harms your body clock; the day-night (or light-dark) cycle called the circadian rhythm. This upsets the quality of sleep.

But, embracing high levels of sun exposure in the morning hours is a powerful antidote. This is, as a 2017 study found, an effective way to fall asleep faster and easier and increase the quality of your sleep.

Resetting your body clock through morning sunshine can promote better, sounder slumber. This naturally makes it easier to rise in the earlier a.m.

Go to bed earlier

Get into the habit of retiring earlier; an hour should do it.

It’s easy to whileaway the evening, only to look at the clock and realize you’ve entered the wee small hours. Especially for night owls! An early morning then becomes a drag. Lack of sleep will lead to second guessing. After all, getting up seems a silly choice against the pull of a soft, warm bed and the appeal of additional slumber.

Tip: Get organized the night before. This will maximize your free time, making your early morn worth the effort. 

Engage in a positive, productive task soon after waking

When you wake, get straight out of bed and act. Set your awakened brain and body into gear. Yes, gently is fine. The aim is to shift from sleepiness into wakefulness.

For example:

– Take a shower
– Drink a glass of water
– Brew your fav coffee or tea (and sit down and enjoy it)
– Get out in the sun
– Go for a jog
– Hit the gym
– Stretch or delight in an online Yoga or Tai Chi class
– Enjoy a wholesome, delicious breakfast (slowly)
– Switch on your most loved tunes
– Meditate (yes, 10-minutes is enough)
– Read pages from an inspirational book
– Prepare for your day (write down an action list)
– Listen to a motivational podcast
– Consider how you could productively tackle a concern

Move your body

A morning workout effectively sweeps away the cobwebs of sleep. But it does so much more than this alone.

Physical activity enhances brain function, in particular high-level cognition. This leads to greater clarity and capacity. As your brain powers up a notch, taking your cognitive ability with it, the process creates a virtuous cycle. Ongoing exercise leads to better control, increasing the likelihood that you’ll keep exercising, further enhancing your brain function with every sesh…

This is a powerful way to become a habitual morning person.

Morning exercise also cements the lark habit in another way. Being active means you’re more likely to sleep well that night, particularly for middle and older aged peeps.

Tip: Vigorous exercise during the evening may have the opposite effect.

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The takeaway

Becoming a morning person has some potent advantages! From revving up your energy to a happier mood, reducing the tendency to procrastinate to effortless weight loss. And the shift doesn’t need to be hard.

Bask in the morning sunshine, head to bed earlier, engage in a positive, productive task soon after waking, move your body, and supplement with HyperBurn to quiet the nighttime owl and become an invigorated morning lark!