Do you suffer from gut problems like fatigue, pain, bloating, or dysbiosis?

Would you like to boost immune function to protect yourself from infection, and speed up recovery when illness strikes?

Are you working toward a trim, toned aesthetic? Would you love the support of a natural nutritional powerhouse that enhances metabolism, promotes muscle growth, and aids weight loss?

Then we’re glad you are here! (Shortly, you will be too!)

L-Glutamine — also known simply as glutamine — could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

A growing evidence-base shows that this abundant amino acid has broad-ranging benefits, including those already mentioned and more.

Here are 5 little known benefits for improved health, naturally.

1. Improves gastrointestinal and immune health

Your gut plays an important, intimate role in your immune system; from its development to the function of innate and adaptive immunity. That is, both first line and acquired, specialized responses.

As an article published in the journal, Gut Microbes, said, “The gut microbiota that resides in the gastrointestinal tract provides essential health benefits to its host, particularly by regulating immune homeostasis…” In other words the bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and viruses — collectively the “microbiota” — that live in your digestive tract are necessary to maintain immune function and balance. For keeping you safe and well.

Glutamine has a key role to play here. By supporting the good bugs, the integrity of the gut lining, and by regulating inflammatory responses, this amino acid protects gut function and immunity. This can ease symptoms and boost health.

2. Supports healthy brain function

So often we think about the brain as separate to the body. But like all organs, the one in your head is affected by the health of other areas.

Poor gut health, for example, can upset neurotransmitter balance; the chemical messengers that communicate within, and from, the nervous system. Say between nerve cells and from neurons to muscles. This can result in:

— poor cognition in terms of attention, memory, verbal learning, and visuospatial memory

— illnesses like depression

Wonderfully, supplementing with glutamine has been shown to improve both cognitive function and the symptoms of depression.

3. Promotes muscle growth and decreases muscle wasting

When you train hard, you want to make the most of your grit and persistence. Glutamine can help you do this.

Research shows that long-term oral supplementation with glutamine:

— Increases muscle strength and power, particularly when associated with exercise

— Reduces the inflammation and injury induced by vigorous aerobic and exhaustive exercise, enabling you to continue training

— Minimizes the skeletal muscle mass loss associated with diabetes

Heightens performance, including explosive muscular power and muscle strength

4. Supports metabolic and heart health

Metabolism is the total combination of the body’s chemical reactions and the processes that provide energy for life. Its balance is crucial for health… And your ability to burn off excess fat! It’s also linked to your heart health.

A 2016 study found that resting heart rate — the number of times your heart pumps per minute when you are inactive — is positively associated with the prevalence of metabolic syndrome;  metabolic syndrome is a cluster of disorders which, when occurring together, increase your risk of coronary heart disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and stroke. It’s not a good combination!

Yet, metabolic syndrome and heart disease are common. The former is estimated to occur in more than 30% of Americans. The latter is estimated to be responsible for one in every four deaths, with someone dying from heart disease every 36 seconds. That’s staggering and sad!

Yet, glutamine might offer health-promoting support.

Glutamine plays a variety of important roles in our metabolic processes. As a 2017 study said, this amino acid “acts as an intermediary in energy metabolism, and as a substrate for the synthesis of peptides and non-peptides such as nucleotide bases, glutathione, and neurotransmitters.” In short, it is intimately involved in the process of metabolism and helps the nervous system to “talk”.

Glutamine is also involved in keeping the vascular (blood vessel) cells healthy, and it possesses potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Together, this promotes cardiovascular health.

5. Supercharges weight loss

Would you love an effective, easy way to supercharge your weight loss?

Glutamine could be just what you need!

A study published in the Journal of Human Sport and Exercise compared two groups of men after an 8-week resistance training program; 15 who supplemented with glutamine, 15 who took a sugar pill. The authors found positive results, with glutamine resulting in an “improved body composition (increased body mass, fat-free mass and reduced body fat).”

Foods that contain healthy levels of glutamine

With so many benefits on offer, what foods contain a hearty dose of glutamine?

Here are our favs:

— Beef

— Cashew nuts

— Chicken

— Corn

— Dairy

— Eggs

— Fish and other seafood

— Lamb

— Parsley

— Pork

— Red cabbage

— Skim milk

— Turkey

— Tofu

— White rice

How to supplement with sufficient glutamine

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The Takeaway

The abundant amino acid, glutamine, has a broad range of incredible health benefits…

From improving gastrointestinal and immune health to supporting healthy brain function, promoting muscle growth and supporting metabolic and heart health, to aiding weight loss.

A delicious scoop a day could be all you need to supercharge your workouts, feel better, and stay well!