Have you wondered which supplements you should absolutely take?

What choices might not be worth the cash?

Even, how to get the most bang for your buck?

Science-backed supplements can provide vast benefits. The right choices can supercharge your workout results and speed your ability to burn fat. Provide nutrients that aid healing, boost energy, and fast-track recovery. Help you sleep soundly, build more muscle, elevate your fitness, and live a happier, healthier life.

Supplements are an investment. As with all investments, they ought to be carefully considered. With this in mind, let's dive into our top 5 recommendations (and the reasons why they matter).

High-quality protein

Do you consume sufficient protein? If not, you should up your intake. But how much is enough?

The Recommended Dietary Allowance for protein is 0.8 gram per kilogram of body weight at a minimum. Notice the word, minimum? As an article at Nutrition In Preventative Medicine noted, vegetarians may require 10% more, endurance athletes 1.2-1.4 gm/kg, and strength athletes 1.6-1.7 gm/kg. But this isn't the end of the story.

A recent article published in the journal, Nutrients, discussed how certain conditions can alter our needs, increasing requirements. These include anabolic resistance, impaired digestion, inflammation, and insulin resistance.

This review recommended that people with acute or chronic illnesses consume 1.2–1.5 gm/kg and that those with severe illness or injury increase that to 2 gm/kg.

And then there's the change brought by aging. As we hit middle age and beyond, our muscle mass tumbles. Importantly, the authors stated that, “Increased dietary protein intake may be required earlier in life in order to mitigate the muscle ageing process.”

In short, adequate (not minimum) quality protein is key.

Our Whey Iso Pro provides 24 grams of highly bioavailable, rapidly absorbed whey protein isolate in every serving.

As Chrissie M said, "There’s so many proteins out there but this is far by the BEST! Why? It blends smooth! There’s no after taste! Definitely keeps you full! It definitely doesn’t upset my stomach either!”

Our Vegan Complete Pro delivers an industry-leading 28 grams of protein in every serve. Yes, including all 9 essential amino acids!


Onest Health Protein

SuperGreens: Detoxification and defense

Our processed and packaged food culture has delivered convenience. It’s also brought with it the diseases of modern day civilization: acne, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity. Not to forget this way of eating contributes to the ravages of early aging and poor health.

The harmful compounds, high glycemic load, low nutrition foods we commonly consume are devoid of the nutrients needed to heal and function well, both psychologically and physically. They contribute to a potentially deadly increase in inflammation and insulin resistance.

At minimum, then, we need to tackle the onslaught. At best, we can alter our diet to enjoy natural whole foods only. Either way, sensible supplementation will help to keep us safe and well. This is where natural plant chemicals pack a health-giving punch.

SuperGreens is rich in hundreds of compounds that are needed to properly detoxify and protect, in their whole-food form! Ingredients you likely don’t get enough in your diet. Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, and kale that powerfully enhance liver detoxification, helping clear damaging chemicals from the body. Plus, organic grasses and greens, fruits and vegetables, sprouts and sea vegetables that deliver the antioxidant defenses you need to stay happy and healthy.

Often greens taste unpleasant but, as Valerie B said, “This is the best tasting Supergreen I’ve ever had.”


Onest Health SuperGreens

HyperBurn: Ramps up your fat burning furnace

Obesity can have devastating consequences. This rampant condition is associated with inferior mental health outcomes, increased death rates, and reduced quality of life.

Yet, we know that the “calories in, calories out” mantra is deeply flawed, superficial, and full of blame. There are so many pieces at play that contribute to a fatter frame: a sluggish metabolism, environmental toxins, emotional cues, fatigue, lack of sleep, stress.

Instead of judgement, we’ve created a product designed to help calm these underlying players.

HyperBurn has been formulated to promote thermogenesis to naturally increase the calories you burn. To suppress your appetite. To boost your metabolism. This may help to cull the factors we just mentioned, making it easier to achieve and maintain a svelte silhouette.

Onest Health HyperBurn


ThermoSleep: Nature’s fat busting sleep aid

Around 30% to 40% of American adults report symptoms of insomnia during any given year. That’s a staggering rate! And the prevalence is increasing.

Given that poor sleep is associated with impaired concentration, poor memory, reduced quality of life, a drop off in the enjoyment of family and social relationships, increased motor vehicle accident risk, insulin resistance, weight gain, anxiety, depression, and an elevated risk of an early death, this is a serious issue.

ThermoSleep has been blended to aid your slumber, with GABA, lemon balm, L-Theanine, passion flower, Chamomile, and melatonin. This incredible supplement also contains ingredients known to boost health and recovery and ramp up your body’s ability to burn fat.

Onest Health ThermoSleep


Marine Collagen: For a more resilience, youthful you

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. As a structural support — think of it like scaffolding — this mass of protein molecules is perfect for providing stretch and resilience to bones, ligaments, skin, and tendons.

But, we gradually produce less collagen as we age. That’s why we wrinkle and sag, and our joints become more brittle and stiff. This drop off in production begins at the ripe old age of early adulthood.

Yet, supplementation can turn this around.

For example, a recent study found that a drinkable collagen nutraceutical significantly improved skin hydration, roughness, and density, and elasticity of the skin. It reversed the hands of time, one sip at a time!

Our Marine Collagen provides 2.5 grams of 100% hydrolysed marine collagen per drinkable serve.

It’s little wonder that Jane C adores this product saying, “Good bye crepe skin. I have only been on this one month and have received so many compliments on my skin. I think this will be on my daily routine from here on in. Thank you!”


Onest Health Marine Collagen

The takeaway

Modern life is filled with avoidable and unavoidable exposures that tax your health, increase your risk of ill health, reduce your quality of life, and contribute to a premature death. Yet regular consumption of science-backed supplements offers a wonderful, safe alternative.

Protein, SuperGreens, HyperBurn, ThermoSleep, and Marine Collagen form a powerful combination, a foundation for wellbeing. Our customers love these products and we know you will too. Enjoy!