Are you consistently hitting the gym but no matter how hard you work your spare tyre just won’t budge?

Have you taken up the “eat less” mantra only to find flagging energy leaves you unable to function, your hungry stomach growls endlessly and — still — stubborn fat clings to your waistline?

Are you doing everything “right” and yet the only constant is failure?

Did you know that the greater your dedication to a Spartan diet, the more you maim your metabolism? Yes, the very thing you need to burn off fat. It’s nature’s way of protecting you from a dangerous drop in body fat.

See, our bodies are not programmed for modern life with its abundance of calorie-rich foods. In times gone by, rapid weight loss signaled starvation; it warned of impending doom. So, over time, the human body developed a life-saving design, a way to outmaneuver biology and bide its time until the next replenishing feed.

 An article published in the peer reviewed journal Bulletin of Mathematical Biology put is like this:

This body weight set point functions as a point of stable equilibrium. In an underfed state, with resulting weight loss, the body will reduce the relative energy expenditure by metabolic adaption which reduces the rate of weight loss.

In essence, as you eat less your weight drops. Your set point then kicks in to slow down your metabolism. This diminishes your mojo because when you feel tired, you become less active. This saves precious energy and reduces fat loss.

Clever right?

Except that the risk of famine in the western world is no longer likely…

So, how can you combat your biology? Shift your set point? Finally hack your way to weight loss success?

This is where Capsimax comes in.

What is Capsimax?

Capsimax is an award winning red hot chili pepper extract that contains natural fat-busting compounds called capsaicinoids. Just as chili peppers warm a meal, their ingredients heat up our metabolism… Except Capsimax delivers the heat without the burn.

Body fat accumulation: Suppressed!

A study published in the journal Food & Nutrition Science investigated daily administration of the hot chili pepper extracts, capsaicin and capsiate. The authors found that after only two weeks oral supplementation promoted energy metabolism and suppressed body fat accumulation.

How can a safe, natural ingredient provide such incredible results?

It quiets the hormonal changes that trigger fat gain… Hormones like insulin.

Insulin resistance: Pulling the trigger for overweight and obesity

You might have heard of the hormone, insulin? While it has many functions, it is most well-known for its important role in moving glucose (sugar) from the blood and into the cells. Insulin, in effect, takes glucose by the hand, knocks on a cell’s “door” (receptor), and then guides glucose in.

This process is crucial. When too much sticky sugar remains in the blood (called hyperglycemia) it is dangerous for your waistline and your health.

However, sometimes the body can become “resistant” to the effects of insulin. But removing excess sugar from the blood remains crucial. So the body increases its insulin production; to try to force the glucose-insulin process to occur. Eventually, high levels of insulin and continued resistance result in a condition called insulin resistance, or metabolic syndrome.

This is what happens in diabetes and in many women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

We’ve been taught that obesity causes insulin resistance. That this problem is, in essence, the fault of the overweight person. BUT research indicates the opposite is true: insulin resistance can cause weight gain.

The authors of a 2017 study titled Hyperinsulinemia: a Cause of Obesity? noted that insulin resistance “may be a primary cause of weight gain that leads to obesity and type 2 diabetes…”

That high insulin comes first and can trigger overweight and obesity.

This makes sense. Insulin inhibits lipolysis; it stops the breakdown of fatty acids. Insulin also promotes the storage of fat. And, as obesity increases, the release of fatty acids from fat stores reduces. Obesity makes it more difficult to lose body fat!

We need to break this vicious cycle!

This is where Capsimax comes in…

Capsimax heats up your metabolism and raises your fat-burning power

A 2018 study titled Capsaicin in Metabolic Syndrome investigated the metabolic effects of the major active constituent of hot chili peppers, capsaicin. The authors noted that this spicy ingredient…

Can increase fat oxidation, improve insulin sensitivity, decrease body fat, and improve heart and liver function… [That] low-dose dietary capsaicin [is effective] in attenuating metabolic disorders. 

Even in women with pregnancy-related diabetes mellitus, capsaicin reduced high blood sugar following a meal, lowered high levels of insulin in the blood, and improved fasting metabolic disorders.

The authors also stated, “Chronic supplementation of capsaicin may have the potential to [reduce] obesity.”

That’s a lot of power packed into a natural, safe compound!

The research is definite: The active ingredients found in red hot chili peppers can reduce metabolic syndrome, aid weight loss and improve and protect health. As the researchers suggested, the most sensible approach requires ongoing supplementation.

Makes sense, right? If you wish to have healthy teeth you must brush regularly. If you want to build muscle, you need to lift often. If you yearn for a slimmer body, you need continual support.

HyperBurn: Capsaicin and capsinoids in a concentrated, easy-to-take form

If you love hot chili peppers, feel free to chew on these daily! But if their heat leaves you numb or you find chili’s upset your gut, there is an easier option: HyperBurn.

HyperBurn is a unique formulation that blends Capsimax with other evidence-based weight loss ingredients. Bitter orange extract, gamma-butyrobetaine (GBB), caffeine anhydrous and dicaffeine malate, and l-carnitine tartrate and acetyl-l-carnitine work synergistically to fire up your fat burning ability.

HyperBurn FAQ’s


Does HyperBurn really improve metabolism and boost fat loss?


Yes, the science-backed ingredients have been formulated specifically to increase fat oxidation, enhance insulin sensitivity and shed body fat. As you’ll see from our ingredients panel, we ensure optimal dosing and the perfect combination of natural compounds to achieve what other companies don’t: effective results, guaranteed.


Will I benefit from HyperBurn?


Do your weight loss efforts fail because you can’t burn fat, your appetite or fatigue takes over, or you have metabolic syndrome? Then it’s time to swap to a science-backed product that has been formulated with your success in mind. HyperBurn will soon become the fat burning love of your life!


How do I take it?


If the idea of chewing on chili peppers doesn’t light you up, breathe! Simply place a half or full serve in a cold glass of water and drink once or twice per day.